YouTube boxing rankings featuring Jake Paul, KSI and top social media stars (2023)

YouTube stars Joe Weller and KSI began the trend of filling arenas for celebrity boxing matches featuring social media influencers back in 2018.

After Weller had defeated Theo Baker in a 'fight' during the summer of 2017, he was called out by the UK's top YouTuber KSI for a bout in front of a sold-out Copper Box in London the following February. The pair shared a heated rivalry which culminated in the Watford native, whose real name is JJ Olatunji, winning by TKO in the third round.

And the trend began to pick up further steam when Olatunji used his post-fight interview to call out American vlogging brothers Jake and Logan Paul. He would go on to face Logan twice, while Jake used the opportunity to forge a career of his own in the sport, where he is now 5-0 as a professional with four KOs.

There have been a host of YouTube boxing events since 2018, and we've ranked the top 10 fighters from across the various iterations of the scene.

1. Jake Paul

There's nobody quite like Jake Paul when it comes to YouTube boxing. He defeated Deji, KSI's younger brother, by way of fifth round TKO in August 2018 and parlayed it into a professional career.

In January of 2020, after his brother Logan had been defeated by KSI in their rematch two months prior, the younger Paul set his sights on avenging the family name by turning professional in his own right. He defeated Brit AnEsonGib to seemingly set up a grudge fight with KSI, but the bout was scuppered by the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead, he went on to face basketball star Nate Robinson on the undercard of Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr, brutally knocking him out to earn a viral moment. In 2021, Paul fought an impressive three times, stopping former Bellator champion Ben Askren before twice beating ex-UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

He returns to the ring on August 13, although no opponent has been decided as yet.

(Video) Jake Paul Rips KSI’s Boxing Career, Exposes DM From Andrew Tate - IMPAULSIVE EP. 338

2. KSI

The Brit all but started YouTube boxing by deciding to face Weller in 2017, and hasn't lost yet despite entering all three of his bouts as the underdog. He underwent a remarkable physical transformation to fight the Brighton native in his debut having never previously competed in any sport, and has been praised for his work ethic.

Weller was a considerably more accomplished athlete when the pair met, having played football at a high level in his youth and being known for his toned physique. But KSI worked himself into peak condition and brutalised his fellow Brit to set up a fight with Logan Paul.

The elder Paul had a number of physical advantages over KSI when they met, including height, reach and an athletic background that included high level wrestling credentials. But they were unable to be separated in their first meeting, before the Brit snuck a split decision in their 2019 rematch.

He has now set his sights on Jake Paul, but will need a warm-up fight or two after three years out of the ring. He is currently eyeing up bouts with Alex Wassabi, Dillon Danis and Austin McBroom for his August return.

3. Slim Albaher

Until last weekend's Creator Clash event, Albaher held the record for the quickest stoppage in YouTube boxing history with his 41-second stoppage of N&A Productions in Dubai. The New York-born influencer splits his time between the Middle East and America, and is likely the least well-known on our list.

But he has won all three of his boxing fights by stoppage, including vicious knockouts of Yusef 'Fousey' Erakat and 3Bidaaan during his career from 2019 to 2021. He has teased a return this year after two fights last year, but no date has been confirmed as yet.

He was a part of the Social Knockout promotion run by Tam Khan in Dubai. But they were involved with the recently closed MTK Global, so it remains to be seen what is next for Albaher's career in the ring.

(Video) Youtube Vs Tiktok All Ring Walkouts

4. AnEsonGib

Saudi Arabian-born British YouTube star Ali 'Gib' El-Fakhri is one of the most beloved members of the YouTube boxing community for his insatiable fighting style. He had one of the all-time great fights with Jay Swingler on the KSI vs Logan Paul 1 card, after winning his first bout by TKO.

Those two wins, along with a groundswell of support from around the UK in the aftermath, were enough to earn him a January 2020 meeting with Jake Paul in his professional debut. However, he had to bulk up from being a smaller light heavyweight to cruiserweight to face Paul, and he was stopped within a round.

Undeterred by the stoppage, and the onset of the coronavirus pandemic a few weeks later, Gib stayed in shape and got back in the ring last summer. He faced the highly-touted Tik Tok star Tayler Holder, and despite a number of obstacles standing in his way he picked up a decision victory following an incorrectly announced draw on the night.

Gib is expected to return this year, with Austin McBroom a possible opponent as well as a number of other YouTube stars.

5. Alex Wassabi

There are few YouTube boxing stories like Alex Wassabi's. He began his run in the space by being viciously knocked out during a public sparring session with Fousey in 2019, and struggled to shake that stigma until fighting Deji this year.

The American social media star was an original rival of KSI's, but lost out on the fight with him in August of 2018 due to Logan Paul's interest. Instead, he was forced to wait almost four years for a fight, in the meantime losing that spar as well as failing to win a tournament to qualify for last summer's Social Gloves tournament.

Wassabi eventually made his debut in March, outpointing KSI's brother Deji at the OVO Arena Wembley and seemingly setting up a bout with the elder sibling. The Filipino star has begun working on an advisory basis with Jake Paul and his team at Most Valuable Promotions, and will certainly fight this summer.

Do you agree with our list of YouTube boxers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

(Video) All KO’s & TKO’s in YouTube Boxing

6. Josh Brueckner

MMA fighter Brueckner would likely top this list if it included all combat sports as opposed to solely boxing. He's such a high level competitor that he has struggled to get fights in the ring, and is known as a solid professional in the MMA world.

Brueckner was supposed to face Faze Sensei on the KSI vs Logan Paul 2 event in Los Angeles, but was forced into another bout when the martial artist pulled out with an injury. He instead took on MMA fighter Tyler Smith, winning a six round decision before proposing to his girlfriend Katie Betzing.

Smith was an impressive opponent in his own right, holding a 2-2 MMA record to Brueckner's 4-2. His two losses had come against Bellator middleweight Ty Gwerder and future UFC light heavyweight title contender Dominick Reyes. Brueckner has teased a return to the ring, and his wife Katie has also shown interest in a possible fight if the right opponent were to become available.

7. Dad

Nathan Barnatt burst on to the YouTube boxing scene this weekend with a stunning 22-second stoppage of Matt Watson in his debut fight. He has played a number of characters during his career, but the 41-year-old appears to have struck gold with his boxing "dad" persona.

IDubbbz, the event's promoter, was keen to stress in the build-up to the Creator Clash that they had been keeping up with fighters' training and the fights were well-matched. If that's true, it would make Dad's flawless KO of Watson all the more impressive as he brutalised the younger fighter without being touched even once.

He has since called out a number of big-name YouTubers as well as Platinum recording artist Oliver Tree, and could probably fight again quickly after such a speedy victory.

8. Joel 'JMX' Morris

Giant British boxer and MMA fighter JMX has yet to lose in his combat sports efforts, but due to his size will find it difficult to get fights. He won his two bouts in 2018 before making his MMA debut in 2019.

JMX first defeated Mike Fox at the Copper Box on the KSI vs Joe Weller undercard, and went on to beat Coach Richard on the KSI vs Logan Paul fight. He then turned to MMA to face Wojciech Gola on the UK debut of FAME MMA.

He was touted as a potential opponent for Logan Paul's MMA debut, but when the coronavirus pandemic scuppered plans, he was left without a fight. He's still training, but his return is unknown as yet.

9. Austin McBroom

The Ace family patriarch made his boxing debut last summer with a bruising stoppage victory over divisive Tik Tok star Bryce Hall, and has emerged as a possible KSI opponent.

He trained with Regis Prograis for his first fight, and has continued working towards another fight. AnEsonGib is another prospective opponent, although McBroom has proven difficult to work with for KSI and Gib's manager Liam Chivers and no fight has been made as yet.

It remains to be seen when McBroom will fight again, and with a number of issues outside of the ring, he may want to get back in sooner rather than later.

10. Logan Paul

There are fighters with better records who have missed out on this list to allow Logan to sneak in at No.10. But you simply can't put a list of top YouTube boxers out and omit one who went eight rounds with Floyd Mayweather without showing any signs of going down.

(Video) Logan Paul was a Beast at Wrestling - Here are His Stats!

Logan hasn't won a fight yet, making him the only winless competitor on our list. But he did have to face KSI twice and Floyd Mayweather, the latter of whom he technically didn't lose to due to the exhibition rules.

The elder Paul brother is one of the biggest stars on the platform, and will likely box again now that his hand has healed from an injury suffered last year. He is touted to face Brazilian Whindersson Nunes.

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