United States information: Washington (2023)


Jan. 1, 2009: Est. population, 304,060,000; Members, 5,974,041; Stakes, 1,438; Wards, 11,289; Branches, 2,074; Districts, 12; Missions, 106;Temples in use, 62; under construction or announced, 7; Percent LDS, 2, or one in 51.

A few stakes and missions have headquarters in states other than that for which they are named. To simplify this listing, these stakes and missions are listed in the states for which they are named. Numbers preceding stakes and missions are their chronological numbers assigned at the time of creation. Letters are added if number has been used previously.

(* Stake name changed 14 Jan 1974 or as indicated otherwise.)


Jan. 1, 2009: Est. population, 6,550,000; Members, 257,710; Stakes, 54; Wards, 443; Branches, 60; Missions, 5; Temples, 3; Percent LDS, 3.9, or one in 25.

In 1852, John Bozarth, a Church member who had lived in Nauvoo, Ill., settled on the Lewis River in Washington Territory. In 1854 four missionaries serving in California, John Hughes, Clark Faben, Alfred Bybee, and Silas Harris, were sent to labor in the Washington and Oregon territories. Hughes found the Bozarth family and other "lost Mormons" and organized a branch, but generally a spirit of intense persecution impeded the work. In 1857 David M. Stuart, Silas G. Higgins, Lorenzo F. Harmon, and John H. Winslow were sent to Oregon. During that time, Stuart reorganized the Lewis River Branch, ordaining John Bozarth an elder and "teacher of the branch." Among those who came forth to renew their covenants and to be rebaptized was Louisa A. John. Despite persecution, Louisa was faithful throughout her life. When she died in 1911, animosity against the Church was still so pronounced that her grave was dedicated secretly at night near Woodland, Wash.

Many Church members worked on the construction of the Northern Pacific and Oregon Short Line railroads in the 1880s and a few later moved into the Northwest. In 1896 a mission effort was organized under the direction of George C. Parkinson, president of the Oneida Stake in southeastern Idaho. Elder Edward Stevenson of the First Council of the Seventy was called to visit the states of Montana, Oregon, and Washington, and also the northern part of Idaho and start a mission. He took with him Matthias F. Cowley (later called as an apostle on 7 October 1897) and together they set out from Salt Lake City on 4 June 1896. After traveling through Montana, they took up missionary labors in Spokane, Wash., on 31 August 1896. They also worked in Palouse and Walla Walla before returning to Salt Lake City.

A second Northwestern States Mission was created under the direction of the Oneida Stake presidency on 26 July 1897 (the first Northwestern States Mission, created in 1878, had its headquarters in Chicago, Ill.). Of the initial six missionaries called, Gaston L. Braley and James R. Smurthwaite were sent to Walla Walla. The mission was initially comprised of the Oregon, Washington, and Idaho conferences. Mission President Franklin S. Bramwell established mission headquarters in Baker, Ore., in 1898, (later the mission was moved to Le Grande on 5 June 1900). By 1900, Washington had two conferences, the Eastern (Spokane) and Western (Tacoma) Washington conferences. In 1902, Nephi Pratt was called to be mission president. He established mission headquarters in Spokane on 14 May 1902. He later moved mission headquarters in Portland, Ore., on 1 January 1905.

While always endeavoring to preach and baptize new converts, missionaries also sought out scattered Church members, soliciting Church members in Utah to furnish them with addresses of relatives and friends living in Washington. The first branch in Washington was organized in Tacoma on 24 December 1899 with 21 members. A branch was organized in Seattle on 14 December 1902. A Sunday School was organized in Spokane on 9 September 1906 and a branch was organized 10 years later on 12 March 1916. In Walla Walla, where missionary work first began, a branch was not organized until 14 November 1927.

In 1930, membership in the state was 1,855 in eight branches, with chapels in Everett, Spokane, Seattle, and Olympia. The Seattle Stake, the first in Washington, was created on 31 July 1938. In 1940 membership in the state reached 5,000, and during World War II a great influx of members came to Washington to work in defense industries.

The completion of the Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River in the early 1940s opened the way for additional farming in the Columbia River Basin, and many members flocked to the state to farm. By 1960 membership had increased to 11,000. The Pacific Northwest Mission was created from the Northwestern States Mission in 1968, and was renamed the Washington Mission in 1970 and the Washington Seattle Mission in 1974. The Washington Spokane Mission was created on 1 July 1978 and the Washington Tacoma Mission was created on 1 July 1990. The Seattle Temple was dedicated by President Spencer W. Kimball on 17 November 1980. In 1992, Washington became the fifth state in the United States with at least 50 stakes. The Spokane Washington Temple, located in the Spokane suburb of Opportunity, was dedicated by President Gordon B. Hinckley on 21 August 1999. The Columbia River Washington Temple, located in Richland, was dedicated by President Hinckley on 18 November 2001.

The Washington Everett Mission was created on 1 July 2001 and the Washington Kennewick Mission was created on 1 July 2002, bringing the total number of missions in the state to five.

Membership was 240,593 in 2003.

Sources: Andrew Jenson, "Washington," Encyclopedic History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1941; Leonard J. Arrington, "History of the Church in the Pacific Northwest," Task Papers in LDS History, No. 18.; Lois Kullberg, "Louisa John, LDS Pioneer of the Pacific Northwest," unpublished manuscript, 2002, Church Archives; Kullberg, "Saints to the Columbia," L-K Publications, 2002; North American Northwest Area annual history and historical reports, Church Archives; Northwestern States Mission annual history and historical reports, Church Archives; Washington Everett Mission annual history and historical reports, Church Archives; Washington Kennewick Mission annual history and historical reports, Church Archives.

Stakes — 54

(Listed alphabetically as of Oct. 1, 2009.)

No. / Name / Organized / First President

North America Northwest Area

1388 Auburn Washington 28 Nov 1982 Alan Warner Bolles

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388 *Bellevue Washington

Seattle East 1 Dec 1963 Raymond W. Eldredge

1266 Bellingham Washington 10 May 1981 Eugene Clifford Hatch

1312 Bothell Washington 22 Nov 1981 Arnold R. Parrott

299 *Bremerton Washington

Puget Sound 19 Jun 1960 Herbert S. Anderson

958 Centralia Washington 10 Sep 1978 Frank Edward Berrett

1299 Colville Washington 18 Oct 1981 Garnett Russell Port

1438 Elma Washington 28 Aug 1983 Lou Elwin Green

1148 Ephrata Washington 15 Jun 1980 Robert A. Hammond

532 *Everett Washington

Cascade South 25 Oct 1970 Wesley K. Duce

883 Federal Way Washington 20 Nov 1977 Jack Lynn Smith

Gig Harbor Washington 11 Feb 2006 Karl J. Fields

2614a Graham Washington 18 May 2003 Brian Lloyd McCoy

776 Kennewick Washington 24 Oct 1976 Elton Elias Hunt

1374 Kennewick Washington East 31 Oct 1982 Donald LeRoy Brunson

1495 Kent Washington 14 Oct 1984 Owen Edvin Jensen

1855 Kirkland Washington 19 Apr 1992 Robert Gideon Condie

2397 Lacey Washington 14 Sep 1997 Ralph W. Smith Jr.

1565 Lakewood Washington 20 Oct 1985 James Rolland Ely

599 *Longview Washington

Columbia River West 4 Feb 1973 Walter Lee Robinson

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925 Lynnwood Washington 14 May 1978 Robert C. Barnard

2448 Maple Valley Washington 22 Mar 1998 Larry J. Thomas

1251 Marysville Washington 29 Mar 1981 Verle George Call

213 *Moses Lake Washington

Grand Coulee 18 Apr 1954 Elmo J. Bergeson

379 *Mount Vernon Washington

Cascade 30 Jun 1963 Robert E. Jones

440 *Olympia Washington

Olympia 27 Aug 1967 Herbert S. Anderson

1049 Othello Washington 12 Aug 1979 Jay L. Christensen

437 *Pasco Washington

Pasco (Washington, Oregon) 21 May 1967 David K. Barber

1848 Port Angeles Washington 23 Feb 1992 Richard Ernest Shaw

542 *Puyallup Washington

Mount Rainier 17 Jan 1971 Owen H. Dickson

1389 Puyallup Washington South 28 Nov 1982 Dennis Tripp Sampson

844 Redmond Washington 29 May 1977 Arnold R. Parrott

514 *Renton Washington

Renton 3 May 1970 Harris A. Mortensen

1244 Renton Washington North 15 Mar 1981 Denzel Nolan Wiser

180 *Richland Washington


(Washington, Oregon) 25 Jun 1950 James V. Thompson

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124 *Seattle Washington

Seattle 31 Jul 1938 Alex Brown

242 *Seattle Washington North

*Seattle North 29 May 1970

North Seattle 19 May 1957 Wilford H. Payne

1496 Seattle Washington Shoreline 14 Oct 1984 Brent Isaac Nash

1023 *Selah Washington 31 Aug 1982

Yakima Washington North 29 Apr 1979 Robert Atwood Hague

1057 Silverdale Washington 26 Aug 1979 David Junior Jones

1890 Snohomish Washington 28 Jun 1992 Craig L. Morrison

168 *Spokane Washington

Spokane 29 Jun 1947 Albert I. Morgan

556 *Spokane Washington East

Spokane East 17 Oct 1971 James B. Cox

992 Spokane Washington North 7 Jan 1979 Dwaine E. Nelson

2594 Spokane Washington Valley 3 Jun 2001 Gary Fail Ely

1841 Spokane Washington West 12 Jan 1992 Elroy C. McDermott

195 *Tacoma Washington

Tacoma 28 Sep 1952 Elvin E. Evans

389 *Vancouver Washington *Columbia River North 29 May 1970

North Columbia 1 Dec 1963 Wallace V. Teuscher

2467 Vancouver Washington East 17 May 1998 Thomas H. Jensen

1570 Vancouver Washington North 3 Nov 1985 Bruce A. Schreiner

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979 Vancouver Washington West 5 Nov 1978 Earl Clifford Jorgensen

1011 Walla Walla Washington 11 Mar 1979 David L. Hafen

426 *Wenatchee Washington 7 Dec 1978 *Quincy Washington

Grand Coulee North 29 Jan 1967 Leslie H. Boyce

284 *Yakima Washington

Yakima 24 May 1959 F. Edgar Johnson

Stakes discontinued

1052 Tacoma Washington South 19 Aug 1979 James Rolland Ely

Discontinued 2006

Missions — 5

(As of Oct. 1, 2009; shown with historical number.


16124 35th Ave. SE (POB 13390)

Mill Creek, WA 98012-1390


8656 Gage Blvd Ste 205



13353 Bel-Red Rd. Ste 103

Bellevue, WA 98005-2329


820 S. Pines Rd Ste 101

Spokane, WA 99206-5420

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4007-D Bridgeport Way W.

University Place, WA 98466-4330


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