Tom Cruise Looks Unrecognizable Now—A Plastic Surgeon Weighs In! (2023)

He’s kept a low profile since February, but now Tom Cruise is getting the internet talking again, as he has once again sparked plastic surgery speculation thanks to his appearance at the 2023 Miami Formula One Grand Prix on May 7th. The 60-year-old Top Gun: Maverick actor hasn’t been seen since the Oscars nominee luncheon in February earlier this year (pictured above) – and famously didn’t attend the main Oscars ceremony for fear of running into his ex-wife Nicole Kidman on the red carpet, if we are to believe the rumors – which made his Grand Prix attendance all the more interesting to fans!

Cruise made headlines for quite a few reasons, as not only was his appearance a hot topic of discussion on social media, but his love life also got some attention too, as he and newly-single Colombian singer Shakira, 46, appeared to be getting on like a house on fire at the event. File that under celebrity romances we weren’t expecting in 2023, if ever!

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A Plastic Surgeon Weighs In On Tom Cruise’s Appearance

Once fans had gotten over the shock of a potential Tom Cruise and Shakira romance (rumor has it he has even sent flowers… aww!) they turned their attention to his appearance, as it looked like he had even more alleged cosmetic treatments. We must point out that the American Made actor still claims that he hasn’t had any work done (yes, really!) but plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Westreich exclusively told the U.S. Sun that in his opinion, it’s “possible that he may have spent up to $50,000 on cosmetic treatments,” including some “very heavy” Botox. Wow! Fan speculation is one thing, but we always like hearing from the experts too!

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Has Tom Cruise Had Botox?

"Overall, I think Tom is just getting started with it all," Westreich hinted to the pub, before comparing the Top Gun star's current appearance to his appearance from a few months ago. "In the Oscar run-up, Tom's forehead looked as smooth as a drum. His eyebrows also look a little lower than usual. If Botox is done fairly heavily, then the brows can drop, and this looks like pretty heavy Botox to me on his forehead. Usually male actors want very light treatments because they want to maintain their ability to make expressions. Looking at past photos of Tom smiling, his brows go up and he has lines on his forehead."

"I can see that by 2018, and certainly by 2022, Tom had some pretty deep forehead lines, and so I definitely think he's recently had Botox," he continued. "The Oscar nominee luncheon photos, taken in February for example, were the first time I noticed Tom might have had Botox. The fact that he may have waited all this time to get Botox is quite interesting."

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Has Tom Cruise Had A Nose Job?

"Throughout the course of Tom's life, he may have done a couple of minor cosmetic treatments," he thought, adding, "There's the possibility of functional rhinoplasty, of laser skin, resurfacing, and perhaps even a little lipo under his chin."

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"Looking at past photos of Tom, I thought that maybe he'd had the functional rhinoplasty in the pre-2005 era," Westreich continued. "This wouldn't have been on the tip of his nose, but on the bony area. If you look at older photos, it's just a little bit more crooked there. Around 2005, his nose starts to have a little bit more contour and begins to look straighter. Sometimes people might have airway surgery for breathing. If you have a deviated septum and your bones are crooked, they may repair the bones and leave the rest of the nose as it is. Even though they're not taking down the profile or narrowing the tip, I don't think Tom had any profile or tip work. I think that they straightened his bones, and that probably was part of making it look better. It also could have been part of a breathing restoration."

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What Other Cosmetic Treatments Could Tom Cruise Have Had?

"Tom might have had chin lipo," Westreich speculated. "This could have been around 2013 and 2014, in the area under his chin. But then by 2020, a photo of him shows that all of a sudden he looks really young. I think he may have been getting ready for Mission Impossible at the time, so it looks like his skin is very smooth. It's also possible that he did some kind of resurfacing type of procedure in 2020, like a laser resurfacing. This would create all the smoothness."

"Someone like Tom has always had a very low-set brow and heavier upper lids," Westreich continued, before seemingly giving the actor some advice to "never, ever, ever get an upper lid procedure because it'll completely change the look of his eyes." Westreich said, "We're so used to him over the years, having these heavier upper lids and that's part of his look. So with that low brow and being a man, I probably would've been a little gentler on the Botox. You need to be cautious with Botox because Tom has had that classic low-set look since he was a teenager." Interesting!

Despite many people thinking the Knight and Day actor had filler, Westreich doesn’t think it's one of the alleged procedures he had done, saying: "I also don't see any real evidence of filler anywhere on his face, so maybe the new Botox is just the beginning. I don't think he's done between his eyebrows, because those lines still look pretty deep. He's had those lines for years and is probably being careful." He finished off by saying, "I don't think he's going to start doing filler because he doesn't look like a volume-deficient guy." And as far as Cruise having a facelift goes, Westreich thought he's "nowhere near needing a facelift or anything like that," nor does he "think he's had one."

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Tom Cruise Sparked Botox And Plastic Surgery Speculation At A Baseball Game Back In October 2021

Concerns about the Top Gun star’s appearance first started when he was pictured with a very puffy face on Saturday, October 9th, while attending a baseball game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants with his son Connor, now 28. Unlike some celebs who like to hide away after they have undergone an alleged cosmetic procedure, the Jerry Maguire star didn’t seem like he had anything to hide, as onlookers claimed that he was happy, waving to fans, and seemingly having a great time at the game.

Cruise was also spotted sporting a swollen face in behind-the-scenes pictures from his latest Mission: Impossible film, which led fans to believe that he must have had everything from Botox to fillers or maybe even a full-blown facelift.

Interestingly, the Edge of Tomorrow actor was spotted looking like his normal self again just a few weeks later, although on November 15th, he was pictured at the Duxford Airfield in Cambridgeshire filming some stunts for Mission: Impossible 8, and was sporting a mystery mark on his cheek that he reportedly didn’t try to hide.

Fans took to social media to ask questions about the mystery mark and his very different face in general. But instead of hearing from fans (and sometimes even trolls) we wanted to hear from medical professionals. It’s important to note that neither of the aforementioned medical pros have claimed to work with Cruise, and they were merely consulted for a more expert opinion about what the actor could have possibly had done, and even what they might advise him to have done.

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Pam Agullo, MD, previously told Radar Online that the actor's face could be down to "filler abuse," saying: "Shocked to see how much Tom Cruise has changed. He had managed to look so good for such a long time. Definitely seems like he has gained a lot of weight, or is a case of filler abuse. If that’s the case, it is the perfect example of how under inexperienced hands, fillers actually make you look older." She then added that it "would be interesting to see if the rest of his body shows weight gain as well though."

Her husband, Dr. Frank Agullo, agreed with his wife, telling Radar Online: "It seems like he has gained facial weight or had too much fillers to the cheeks. He has excess upper eyelid skin and wrinkles around the eyes which would benefit from a blepharoplasty and skin tightening. He is also showing jowls and loose neck skin which would benefit from skin tightening or a lower facelift."

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Tom Cruise Looked Different On The Red Carpet In May 2022

The Jack Reacher: Never Go Back actor once again looked very different on some of last year's red carpets, including the Top Gun: Maverick premiere in London in May 2022 and also at the Cannes Film Festival. Only this time, both fans and plastic surgeons alike thought that the actor didn't actually have fresh plastic surgery, but could have been doing the opposite and laying off the surgery for good! (Wow, who could have predicted this drastic U-turn?!)

Although his appearance at the end of 2021 was attributed to alleged cosmetic surgery which hadn’t yet settled, it's been suggested that his 2022 appearance could either be down to the surgery finally settling (hence the very visible fine lines on the Oblivion actor's face) and him choosing to not have any top ups, or a combination of slightly different cosmetic treatments. We can't ignore the longer hairstyle, either, which could simply be down to him choosing to grow it out, or it could be down to something else, such as a recent hair transplant. We're always very interested to hear what the professionals think though…

What Do The Experts Think?

Dawn Attewell, Registered Aesthetics Nurse at told The Daily Mail's Femail at the time that Cruise's previous appearance was likely due to "excessive filler" and "post-procedure swelling" and his new look (referring to his May 2022 appearance) could possibly be attributed to a "hair transplant" and "skin tightening treatments." Allegedly of course, as the Mummy actor is not very forthcoming in terms of talking about what treatments he has or has not had.

"In the infamous October 2021 picture, you can see that Tom looked swollen and puffy, which could be due to excessive filler, post-procedure swelling, or weight gain," Attewell explained. "Often, surgical procedures such as a platysmaplasty, or neck lift, combined with a mid-facelift could create this type of swelling in these areas. I think Tom looked amazing at the Top Gun premiere – he looks fresher. He may have had Botox or filler. At almost 60, Tom's hairline has remained relatively the same, although slightly thinning, which does suggest he may have had hair transplants. His jawline looks more contoured, which could be the result of skin tightening treatments like Morpheus8, a micro needling treatment for treatment of fine lines and wrinkles."

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Amar Suchde, founder of AMS Aesthetics, added: "As they age, many men tend to lose some facial fat distribution along with elastin and fibers in the skin. This, along with lines around the eyes, can actually look very attractive on a man, although in October, it looks like Tom sought to replenish some of the facial fat he’d naturally lost, resulting in a noticeably plumper look. I suspect his aim was to try and replenish some of the features he’d lost and to give support to his facial structure, and this would most likely be carried out through a combination of fillers and Botox although of course, we don’t know if he’d put on weight around this time, too."

"Either way, Tom has managed to maintain his noted jawline over the years, which in many men can become lost and begin to droop," Suchde added. "In addition, his glowing complexion may indicate that Tom is having laser treatment, possibly Profhilo, which is a popular skin boosting treatment."

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Why did Tom Cruise face look swollen? ›

By 2010, Tom's face was beginning to change, occasionally looking chubbier, possibly due to weight fluctuation. The super-fit star pushed himself to the limit whenever he was filming a stunt-filled action role but would also put on a few kilos between movies.

What is Tom Cruise's physical appearance? ›

Tom Cruise Height, Weight, Age, Biography, Wife & More
Heightin centimeters- 170 cm in meters- 1.70 m in Feet Inches- 5' 7”
Weight (approx.)in Kilograms- 68 kg in Pounds- 150 lbs
Body Measurements- Chest: 44 Inches - Waist: 32 Inches - Biceps: 16 Inches
Eye ColourGreen
35 more rows

Does Tom Cruise have a health issue? ›

6 Tom Cruise Was Diagnosed With Dyslexia At The Age Of Seven – Tom Cruise struggled at school and he was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was seven years old. This has affected his learning and even his acting career. Reading scripts wasn't that easy for him, and he had to find a way to conquer his disorder.

Did Tom Cruise do plastic? ›

Tom Cruise is no stranger to plastic surgery. The 56-year-old actor has spoken openly about using Botox and other cosmetic procedures to keep himself young. In the past, he has also admitted to having had a facelift and laser eye surgery.

What does Tom Cruise eat? ›

Tom Cruise is widely known for adhering to a rigid diet plan and paying special attention to his health and wellbeing. Tom Cruise's diet generally comprises of proteins derived from meat and fish, as well as vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and wheat and oat variants free of grass.

Does Tom Cruise have blue eyes? ›

Tom Cruise's blue shirt brought out his blue eyes at the premiere of Knight and Day in July 2010.

What religion is Tom Cruise? ›

Cruise was converted to Scientology by his first wife Mimi Rogers in 1986, becoming an outspoken advocate for the Church of Scientology in the 2000s. His involvement in the organization was leaked by the tabloid Star in 1990, and he publicly admitted to following Scientology in a 1992 interview with Barbara Walters.

Does Tom Cruise have intellectual disability? ›

Tom Cruise

As an enduring international superstar for films like Top Gun and Mission Impossible, Cruise has lived with dyslexia since he was diagnosed as a child. He was previous honored by the National Mentoring Partnership for his work helping others with dyslexia.

Why does Tom Cruise wear glasses all the time? ›

But The scleral lenses Cruise wears are to protect his eyes and allow him to open them while facing high speed winds for his latest Mission: Impossible movie. Why does he need them? Because the actor does a scene hanging onto the wing of a real fighter jet that flies 5,000 feet above the ground.

Does Tom Cruise believe in medication? ›

As a leading member of the Church of Scientology, Cruise is against the use of anti-depressant drugs or psychiatric therapy of any kind. “I really care about Brooke Shields,” Cruise said. “… [But] there's misinformation, and she doesn't understand the history of psychiatry…

Can Tom Cruise fly a jet? ›

The Super Hornet jet does feature in the sequel, but Tom Cruise did not fly them in Top Gun: Maverick as those scenes were all completed with assistance from Navy pilots. According to producer Bruckheimer, Cruise does fly a P-51 propeller-driven fighter plane, as well as some helicopters.

What is Tom Cruise's favorite snack? ›

Tom Cruise's Absolute Favorite Food: Lobster

Cruise clearly isn't the only one loving it. Lobster has zero carbs, is low in calories (when you keep the drawn butter dunking to a minimum), and can be grilled, so those attributes fit in with this actor's reported self-imposed dietary restrictions.

Does Tom Cruise really eat 1,200 calories a day? ›

Cruise's primary diet includes fish, egg whites, chicken, oatmeal, vegetables, whey protein and other basic health foods. The 'Mission Impossible' star is very particular about his calorie intake and keeps it as low as 1200 calories a day.

What does Keanu Reeves eat? ›

Keanu Reeves' simple and strict diet plan:

For breakfast, Keanu eats two eggs, oatmeal and berries. For lunch, it's a simple chicken and brown rice situation. For a snack, he goes for a protein bar, and for dinner, Reeves generally eats sweet potato, steak and vegetables, as mentioned in a report by jackedgorilla.

What is the rarest eyes? ›

Green is considered by some to be the actual rarest eye color in the world, though others would say it's been dethroned by red, violet, and grey eyes. Green eyes don't possess a lot of melanin, which creates a Rayleigh scattering effect: Light gets reflected and scattered by the eyes instead of absorbed by pigment.

Who has the most famous blue eyes? ›

Frank Sinatra

Notable achievements: Of course Frank Sinatra is number one our list, he's known as Ol Blue Eyes of course! His bright blue peepers and heavenly voice garnered him thousands of loyal fans all around the world, and he remains one of the most popular and influential artists of the 20th century.

Does Jennifer Aniston have blue eyes? ›

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston is known for her bright blue eyes, but did you know that many people think that this is not her natural eye colour?

Do Scientologists believe in medicine? ›

"Scientologists seek conventional medical treatment for medical conditions," the church said in a statement. "Scientologists use prescription drugs when physically ill and also rely on the advice and treatment of medical doctors.

What did Tom Cruise give to his daughter? ›

What religion is Tom Hanks? ›

In 1981, Hanks met actress Rita Wilson on the set of TV comedy Bosom Buddies (1980–1982). They were reunited in 1985 on the set of Volunteers. Wilson is of Greek and Bulgarian descent, and a member of the Greek Orthodox Church. Before marrying her, Hanks converted to her faith.

What are the struggles of Tom Cruise? ›

“I was a functional illiterate. I loved learning, I wanted to learn, but I knew I had failed in the system,” Cruise told People. Realizing he didn't have a future in sports or education, he decided to give acting a real shot. So he moved out to New York City, taking auditions for any part he could find.

What celebrities have auditory processing disorder? ›

Here are 12 celebrities who've also spoken up about their experiences of living with a hearing impairment.
  • Halle Berry. ...
  • Millie Bobby Brown. ...
  • Eric Clapton. ...
  • Stephen Colbert. ...
  • Lou Ferrigno. ...
  • Whoopi Goldberg. ...
  • Rob Lowe. ...
  • Jane Lynch.

What is a mild intellectual disability? ›

Mild intellectual disability involves deficits in theoretical thinking/learning. This means that the person perceives their surroundings in a more concrete manner, making it harder to interpret and deal with e.g. abstract words, symbols and descriptions.

Does Tom Cruise wear a watch? ›

The Top Gun star wears a special version of a Rolex GMT. Welcome to Watches of the Week, where we'll track the rarest, wildest, and most covetable watches spotted on celebrities.

Does Tom Cruise see every movie? ›

Yes, every single one. Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise is passionate about the cinematic experience, particularly in theaters, with the Top Gun: Maverick star revealing that he frequently puts on a simple disguise in order to see every movie that comes out. Every. Single.

What are Tom Cruise sunglasses called? ›

In the iconic 1986 film Top Gun, Tom Cruise's character, Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, popularised the now-classic style of Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. Since then, the aviator has become one of the most recognizable and popular styles of sunglasses in the world.

Does Tom Cruise have a personality? ›

As a Type Three, Tom tends to be ambitious, adaptable, and enthusiastic. Tom is generally driven and loves to set and accomplish goals. As an ISTP, Tom tends to be curious, pragmatic, and confident. Tom is likely unpredictable and spontaneous, but often quiet, preferring to think and process information internally.

Why is Tom Cruise so healthy? ›

rock-climbing, hiking. I jog. I do so many different activities,” Cruise said when asked about his fitness routine. According to health experts, it's this variety that has helped keep Cruise maintain flexibility and balance and stay in better shape than most men his age.

What did Tom Cruise say to Matt Lauer? ›

“Matt. Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt. You're glib,” said Cruise, defending Scientology's anti-psychiatry stance. “You don't even know what Ritalin is.”

Does Tom Cruise have pilot license? ›

Yes, Tom Cruise is a licensed pilot. Yes, Tom Cruise can fly and has a license to pilot several aircraft as he obtained his flying license in the year 1994. He flies fighter jets, private planes, and even commercial flights. Cruise even has a license to pilot a helicopter.

How many planes does Tom Cruise own? ›

Here's How Many Aircraft Does Tom Cruise Have? According to World War Wings, Cruise owns at least three different luxury aircraft, but he may own as many as five airplanes..

What kind of plane does Tom Cruise own? ›

Along with the P-51 Mustang, the actor also owns a Gulfstream IV jet valued at $20 million, which includes a Jacuzzi and a screening room. The commitment to realism has been a common theme in every Tom Cruise movie.

What are some characteristics about Tom Cruise? ›

Tom is generally driven and loves to set and accomplish goals. As an ISTP, Tom tends to be curious, pragmatic, and confident. Tom is likely unpredictable and spontaneous, but often quiet, preferring to think and process information internally.

What ethnicity is Tom Cruise? ›

Cruise is of Irish, German and English ancestry. One of his paternal great-great-great-grandfathers, Patrick Russell Cruise, was born in North County Dublin, in 1799; he married Teresa Johnson in Warrenstown House, County Meath, in 1825.

How tall and heavy is Tom Cruise? ›

What is Tom Cruise's BMI? ›

(Tom Cruise, with a height of 5'7" and weight of 201 lbs, has a body mass index of 31.5, while the younger Schwarzenegger, at just over six feet tall and about 235 pounds, had a BMI over 31.

How is Tom Cruise so confident? ›

The Secret Behind Tom Cruise's Quiet Confidence

Tom Cruise has an insatiable thirst for learning new skills. That helps him stay ahead of the curve and remain relevant for decades! Additionally, mastering a skill allows him to show confidence that sets him apart from other actors.

How much is Tom Cruise worth and how old is he? ›

Tom Cruise 2023 Bio, Age, Height
NameTom Cruise
Age60 Years
Net Worth (2023)$620 Million
Height1.7 m
3 more rows
3 days ago

Does Tom Cruise have a biracial son? ›

He is African-American and he is the adopted son of Tom and Hollywood beauty, Nicole Kidman. Nicole used to be married to superstar, Tom Cruise. Connor lived with his father following Nicole and Tom's split.

Does Tom Cruise have any biological? ›

The Top Gun star, who has been married three times, shares two adopted kids — Connor Cruise and Isabella 'Bella' Cruise — with his ex-wife, Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman. He also has one biological child, a daughter named Suri with his other ex-wife, Katie Holmes.

Is Tom Cruise a billionaire? ›

With a career spanning more than four decades, the star has accumulated quite a bit of wealth. Not a billionaire yet, the Mission: Impossible star owns numerous properties, private jets, investments, and much more.

Does Tom Cruise do his own stunts? ›

During an interview with Graham Norton, the actor explained the reason that he has always insisted on performing stunts himself rather than taking help from a stunt double.

Who was Penny in Top Gun 1? ›

Penny, played by Jennifer Connelly, is not physically in the first "Top Gun" movie, but she does exist in it, though only mentioned in passing. She is never actually seen on screen.

What is Oprah's BMI? ›

That's because she's got a body mass index (BMI) of 31.8. People with a BMI of 25 or greater are considered overweight, and those with a BMI of 30 or greater, obese. But a scale won't tell her that. A decade ago, if you wanted to start losing weight or firm up, your first step was to weigh yourself.

What BMI is considered skinny in America? ›

If your BMI is less than 18.5, it falls within the underweight range. If your BMI is 18.5 to 24.9, it falls within the Healthy Weight range. If your BMI is 25.0 to 29.9, it falls within the overweight range. If your BMI is 30.0 or higher, it falls within the obese range.

What is the BMI of a very fit person? ›

below 18.5 – you're in the underweight range. between 18.5 and 24.9 – you're in the healthy weight range. between 25 and 29.9 – you're in the overweight range. 30 or over – you're in the obese range.


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