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PerkSpot’s trusted platform makes it easy to put money back into your employees’ pocketsevery day.

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Some of the world’s biggest companies have partnered with PerkSpot to help their employees save.

Southwest employees boast an 85% participation rate in their Discount Program. Learn More (PDF).

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (2)

Employees saved $29,188 on automobiles in their first seven months.

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (3)

Ran successful campaigns highlighting deals relevant to specific groups, like parents at Uber, women at Uber, Veterans at Uber, etc.

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (4)

PerkSpot client since 2007.

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (5)

Atrium switched from their previous discount provider to PerkSpot in the hopes of achieving better engagement. Check out how we made that possible: Case Study (PDF)

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (6)

Chipotle partnered with PerkSpot to improve engagement with their Discount Program, which resulted in an increase of $35K employee savings. Discover more (PDF).

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (7)

Been a PerkSpot client since 2007.

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (8)

Saw 40% adoption in the first month thanks to PerkSpot’s customized marketing and strategy.

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (9)

Kroger employees saved a total of $42,485 in the PerkSpot Travel Center in 2019.

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (10)

Almost a third of employees signed up to use PerkSpot within the first month of partnership.

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (11)

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Switched from an internal discount program to PerkSpot and saw $33,567 in savings in the first three months.

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (12)

Employee savings increased by 18% during coronavirus pandemic. See how (PDF).

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (13)

Been a PerkSpot client since 2013.

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (14)

"Great service that my company Grainger uses to notify us of discounts or deals. Used a few of the deals around the holidays and they were great!"

- Grainger employee, Mike C

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (15)

Avon employees saved a total of $69,147 in their first three months as PerkSpot users.

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (16)

Within one month, 35% of employees were actively using and saving on PerkSpot.

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (17)

“We were looking for a way to further engage our team and provide access to an endless supply of discounts. PerkSpot did all of this and much, much more.”

- Kevin O, Chief Talent Officer

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (18)

In 2019, the average United Airlines employee saved $2,779 on automobiles through PerkSpot.

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (19)

Been a PerkSpot client since 2008.

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Why PerkSpot?

Personalized Perks

We’ve built our platform to help employees save when and where it matters to them by showing the most relevant and meaningful offers. From local deals to nationwide brands to discounts overseas, there’s something for everyone.

Seamless Integration

Your perks and discounts program will be up and running in a matter of days, complete with custom branding tailored to your unique organization and a built-in employee communication plan.

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Dedicated Support

Our team of client success managers are here to help you with anything you need. We help devise engagement strategies, create marketing materials, and more.

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Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (22)

Love PerkSpot

24Industries covered by PerkSpot

99%Retention rate for clients

1,000+Clients working with (and loving) PerkSpot

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (23)

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (24)

Love PerkSpot

$6,053Average yearly employee savings with PerkSpot

76%of PerkSpot members felt they receive the perfect amount of communication to stay informed about their discounts

814,910Active members visit PerkSpot each month

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (25)

Hear What Employers are Saying About PerkSpot

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (26)

“Since launching our partnership in 2016, PerkSpot has been an invaluable resource to me. The PerkSpot team not only negotiates amazing discounts for our employees, but they also manage any previously negotiated offers, communicate the promotion of the program, and respond quickly and efficiently to any customer service requests. They have exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be happier with our relationship!”

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (27)

“After 3 years of working with PerkSpot, I truly could not be happier. They have helped with my workload by taking on employee discounts and are great at tying the program to our overall corporate initiatives. I also love the marketing materials they provide to help us communicate and promote the program internally.
Five stars!”

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (28)

“PerkSpot does all of the heavy-lifting to provide us with a discount program and easy-to-use platform with our unique business needs in mind. In addition to being extremely accessible and flexible, our account representative regularly offers to provide branded deliverables advertising new or relevant discounts for special circumstances and/or seasonal needs which provides our company an easy way to deliver information on these additional perks without any added work.”

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (29)

“My personal experience with PerkSpot support team has been outstanding. It was so easy to start our folks joining perkspot as they did all the heavy lifting and even customized a site for us. The product itself is fantastic and I have used it myself at least 10 times a year. We have our employees engaging with PerkSpot from the first day of training and our employees tell us it is one of their favorite programs we have.”

(Video) Access Perks for Employers

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (30)

Hear What Employees are Saying About PerkSpot

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (31)

“I’ve been looking at this refrigerator for over a year so I was super excited when I saved over $1,000 on a refrigerator and only paid $1 for the warranty. Thank you for all that you do to bring me and my family these discounts. Southwest Airlines really cares about its employees and this is just one of many examples.”

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (32)

“I was planning an out of state trip and I wanted to compare the hotel companies price vs. the PerkSpot price. I found the PerkSpot offer to be much better, saving me money. The process to reserve the room on the site was seamless and when we arrived at the hotel we were checked in with no issues. I can’t wait to use PerkSpot for future trips!”

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (33)

“Via PerkSpot, I was able to rent a vehicle for a trip to Boston during peak season travel. I was very impressed by how easy it was to book via my employer’s PerkSpot page and how cheap it was. I was also very happy with how the process at the airport went, there was no issue with them pulling my reservation and the price matching, unlike other 3rd party services that have given me trouble.”

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (34)

“I recently used PerkSpot to save on a rental car for my work trip as well as updated my luggage. It was a super smooth process and I definitely will be using it again in the coming months for an upcoming vacation!”

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (35)

Testimonials from PerkSpot Users

My husband and I jumped at the great deal we received to join Sam’s Club! We would have never opted to get the membership if it hadn’t been for the terrific discounted price we received, which has just led to more savings. Thank you!”

“Thanks to PerkSpot, I was able to take advantage of my gym membership at a great discount.”

“While on vacation in Savannah, we decided we wanted to stay another night. We found a good deal on a hotel through PerkSpot!”

“I saved a bundle on a piece of luggage that I’d been watching for months — thanks, PerkSpot!”

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“I saved $56 by using PerkSpot on car rental from Budget for my trip to visit my parents.”

“PerkSpot has saved me money on various items like automobile purchases, computer purchases, and other purchases, but the main thing it has saved me is time. Time is more valuable than any amount of money. Thanks, PerkSpot!”

“I love that I don’t have to go on the site to find great deals,…the deals come to me on my email and I love clicking to see what great deals are available, Recently I was able to get a good price on some treat baskets as a thank you gesture to nurses who recently took great care of my mom in the ICU unit. Thanks!”

“I literally love when PerkSpot sends me emails. It has THOUSANDS of ways to help me save money and being a single mother of 3, you don’t know how much this helps me and my family!!”

“PerkSpot is a great benefit to have and has allowed me to save a lot of hard-earned money. PerkSpot has something for everyone, and I always check out the weekly deals before I make my weekend plans.”

“I absolutely love PerkSpot! I got some gifts for my mom, a watch for my sister, and a few gifts for myself (but don’t tell anyone). Savings galore!!”

Support Your Employees’ Wellness

With PerkSpot, you can support every aspect of your employees’ health and wellbeing.

Financial Wellness

A financially stressed employee makes for decreased productivity and poor job satisfaction. Lend your employees a hand with their financial wellness by offering exclusive discounts on tax services, loans, mortgages, and more.

Mental and Physical Wellness

Demonstrate your employees’ value by providing discounts on gym memberships, fitness accessories, mental health support, and more, all geared towards the wellbeing of your employees.

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (36)

The Perks Experts

We’re experts where it really counts—helping your employees improve their financial wellness with exclusive discounts on everyday items, like groceries and apparel, and the big stuff, like cars, insurance, and loans. Plus, we offer a seamless rewards and recognition program so you can send recognition to employees and put money back into their pockets. Partner with us and let’s get started inspiring your employees to love where they work.

Perks & Discounts for Employers | PerkSpot (37)

Interested in helping your employees save time and money where it matters most? Let’s get started.

Does your company already offer PerkSpot?Log in here.

Or, fill out this form and one of our PerkSpotters will get in touch directly.

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Why do employers offer employee discounts? ›

Increase Sales

Employers also implement discount programs for workers as way to boost sales. Since an employee of the business commonly spends a significant amount of time browsing and learning about the company's products and services, he could end up becoming a dedicated customer.

Is perks at work free for employers? ›

If you have under 500 employees, you can get started on our non-enterprise platform immediately and for free!

Is there a limit on employee discount? ›

IRC Section 132(c)(1) defines a qualified employee discount for services as 20 percent of the price at which the services are being offered by the employer to customers.

How do I ask for employee discount? ›

  1. Just Ask! ...
  2. Be Polite – Kill them with kindness! ...
  3. Ask for a Manager – A normal salesperson or employee probably won't be able to give you a discount. ...
  4. Inquire About Future Sales – If they can't give you a discount, ask them if they can tell you when any upcoming sales will be.

What benefits should a company offer employees? ›

According to our 2022 Employee Benefits Survey Report, the most popular employee benefits are:
  • Health insurance.
  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Retirement plan benefits.
  • Flexible work schedule.
  • Dental insurance.
  • Vision insurance.
  • Life insurance.
  • Paid family leave.
Oct 20, 2022

What are 3 types of benefits employers offer their employees? ›

Benefits are any perks offered to employees in addition to salary. The most common benefits are medical, disability, and life insurance; retirement benefits; paid time off; and fringe benefits.

What are the 4 mandatory benefits for an employee? ›

Statutory benefits, also known as mandatory benefits, are entitlements that employers are obligated by law to provide to their employees. Common examples include benefits like paid annual leave, parental leave, worker's compensation insurance, and paid sick leave.

Is perks at work worth it? ›

These incentives can take some work to implement, but ultimately, the rewards are worth it. Not only are perks at work a symbolic way for employers to show you care, but these offerings can also reduce turnover and raise performance results by building a happier, more engaged workforce.

Do you pay taxes on company perks? ›

You do not have to pay tax on benefits and expenses covered by concessions or exemptions and there is no need to include them on a tax return. It used to be very popular for employers to offer employees the chance to salary sacrifice some of their taxable pay for non-taxable benefits.

What are the rules of discount? ›

Discount Rules define value-based rebates, or discounts, on the product (SKU) or total order level. They can be defined in percentages or absolute values (net price). If a discount rule points to a product, it only applies to that product. A discount rule with an empty product field is applied to the total order.

How much should employee discount be? ›

The offering price used to determine the 20 percent limit can take into account discounts offered to discrete customers or to consumer groups, provided the sales at such discounted prices comprise at least 35 percent of the employer's gross sales for a representative period.

What is the formula for discount allowed? ›

Discount Allowed = Original Selling Price X Discount Rate

For example, if a product is originally priced at ₹100 and the discount rate is 10%, then the final selling price would be ₹90. The amount of discount allowed can also be expressed as a percentage of the original selling price.

How do you say discount in a nice way? ›

synonyms for discount
  1. allowance.
  2. concession.
  3. decrease.
  4. deduction.
  5. exemption.
  6. premium.
  7. rebate.
  8. abatement.

How do you tell customers about discounts? ›

10 sample replies to customers asking for discount
  1. “How much do you have in mind?” ...
  2. “Is price your only objection?” ...
  3. “Could you give me some background on this request?” ...
  4. “Absolutely, we'll talk about pricing, but let's talk about how we can bring value to you first.”

How do you respond when someone asks for a discount? ›

How to Respond to Discount Requests: 8 Effective Responses
  1. Clearly Demonstrate Your Value.
  2. Add More Value to the Deal.
  3. Ask “Why?”
  4. Quid Pro Quo.
  5. Ask the Prospect's Opinion.
  6. Offer a Month-to-Month Option.
  7. Explain Why You Don't Offer Discounts.
  8. Reschedule Your Conversation.

What benefits do employers value most? ›

Here's a look at the top ten:
  • Flexible work hours. ...
  • Company-sponsored retirement plan or pension. ...
  • Leave early on Fridays. ...
  • Four-day work week. ...
  • Family health insurance. ...
  • Private health insurance. ...
  • Healthcare cost reimbursements. ...
  • Paid self-care days or time off for mental health.
Oct 2, 2022

What is a good employee benefits package? ›

Company holidays, personal days, sick leave, and other time off from work. Retirement and pension plan contributions. Tuition assistance or reimbursement for employees and/or their families. Discounts on company products and services; housing.

What benefits are most important to employers? ›

If you want your benefits package to remain competitive, you'll want to offer health insurance, some disability and life insurance, and probably a retirement plan, such as a 401(k).

What are the best benefits a company can offer? ›

Let's start with the four best company benefits that will help your employees feel appreciated and more focused at work.
  • Health insurance. ...
  • Life insurance. ...
  • Paid time off—that actually gets taken. ...
  • Family leave. ...
  • 401(k) and retirement planning. ...
  • Student loan assistance. ...
  • Career development. ...
  • Lunch stipend or team lunch.
Nov 2, 2022

What are the top 3 most sought after employee benefits? ›

The 10 most desired employee benefits in the U.S.
  1. Overtime pay. 79.3%
  2. Private health insurance. 77.3% ...
  3. Flexible working hours. 77.0% ...
  4. Company-sponsored retirement plan or pension. 76.4%
  5. Family health insurance. 75.0% ...
  6. Private dental insurance. 74.8%
  7. Private vision insurance. 71.8% ...
  8. Health care cost reimbursements. 68.9% ...
Oct 19, 2022

What are legally required benefits in the US? ›

Legally required benefits.

A grouping of benefits that employers typically are expected to participate in and con- tribute toward. The grouping includes Social Security, Medicare, federal and state unemployment insurance, and workers' compensation. These benefits are affected by federal and state laws.

What is the difference between employee benefits and perks? ›

Essentially, benefits pay for expenses that an employee would have to cover with their income, such as health insurance, savings for retirement, and transportation costs for commuting to and from work each day. Perks, on the other hand, are extra rewards or incentives on top of salary and non-wage compensation.

How are perks calculated in salary? ›

In case the accommodation provided is not owned by the employer, but is taken on lease or rent, then the value of the perquisite would be the actual amount of lease rent paid/payable by the employer or 15% of salary, whichever is lower.

What does perks mean in salary? ›

A perk is something extra you get, in addition to a salary, in exchange for working. The major perk of your job at an ice cream shop might be all the hot fudge sundaes you can eat. Some fairly common job perks include health insurance, free gym memberships, and company cars.

What is the difference between salary and perks? ›

Here, the word 'perks' refers to corporate offerings that go above and beyond an employee's salary and benefits package. Since they are a gesture of goodwill from the company and dependent on the corporate budget, they vary across the industry.

What are 3 types of discounts? ›

What are the Types of Sales Discounts?
  • Buy One, Get One Free. This discount may require a buyer to receive two of the same inventory item, or it could allow for a free item that differs from the initial purchase. ...
  • Contractual Discount. ...
  • Early Payment Discount.
May 11, 2022

What are the four types of discounts? ›

Loyalty discounts - discounts for frequent customers. Trade discounts - discounts for trading in a similar product. Cash discounts - discounts for paying in cash instead of credit. Quantity discounts - discounts that encourage purchasing more of one product.

What are the two main types of discount? ›

The two types of discount offered are trade discount and cash discount.

What is a fair discount percentage? ›

An equity discount rate range of 12% to 20%, give or take, is likely to be considered reasonable in a business valuation. This is about in line with the long-term anticipated returns quoted to private equity investors, which makes sense, because a business valuation is an equity interest in a privately held company.

How much should a company spend on employee benefits? ›

Key takeaways. While the average annual premium is about 15% of payroll for a smaller business or up to 30% of payroll for large companies, there are small business options for as low as 1% to 5% of payroll.

How much of a discount do free people employees get? ›

30% regular discount, cannot combine with sale price.

How do you solve discount questions? ›

The basic way to calculate a discount is to multiply the original price by the decimal form of the given percentage rate. To calculate the sale price of any item, we need to subtract the discount from the original price.

How much should a cash discount be? ›

Overview: What is a cash discount? One of the best ways to get your customers to pay their bills early is to offer them a cash discount. A cash discount is usually around 1 or 2% of the invoice total, although some businesses may offer up to a 5% discount.

How do you apply discount on any price? ›

The rate is generally given as a percent. To calculate the discount, just multiply the rate by the original price. To compute the sale price, deduct the discount from the original price.

How do you write a discount offer message example? ›

Example #1

Get 20% off your first purchase with [company name]. Shop now to start saving!” This is an excellent example of a discount message for first-time customers. You could send it to people who just subscribed to your text or email list.

How do you describe discounts? ›

A discount is a reduction in the usual price of something.

What are 3 reasons companies offer customer discounts? ›

Advantages of Offering Discounts to Customers
  • Drive Website Traffic.
  • Attract New Customers.
  • Meet Sales Goals.
  • Engage Existing Customers.
  • Boost Your Brand Reputation.
Aug 8, 2022

How do you treat discount received and discount allowed? ›

Discounts received, and discounts allowed are on different sides of the same coin. In any transaction involving a discount, one party allows a discount, and another receives the discount. For the buyer, the discount received is an income of the buyer, and the discount allowed is the seller's expense.

What are the reasons that a company gives trade discounts? ›

A key reason that businesses discount is to increase revenue. Compared with cash discounting, trade discounting is more likely to increase revenue as it decreases the cost at the time the purchasing decision is made and does not rely on early payment or other conditions being met.

How does an employee discount work? ›

Employee discounts refer to the discount given on the original price of the goods or services by the company to their employees. Generally an employee discount is given as one of the fringe benefits.

What is trade discount in Short answer? ›

Trade discount is referred to as the discount that is offered by a seller to the buyer of the product in the form of reduction in the price of the item.

Why discounts can attract customers? ›

The main reason discounts attract customers is the loss aversion principle. Additionally, discounts create a sense of happiness by releasing oxytocin, generate excitement, and make the customer feel smarter because they saved money.

Why do businesses give different types of discounts? ›

There are multiple types of discounts from sales that customers can earn. They are typically employed to either attract new customers, retain old ones, enhance financing options, or manage inventory levels.

What are qualified employee discounts? ›

A qualified employee discount, the value of which is excludable from income, is an employee discount provided on qualified property or services.


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