I'm Bound for Boston Marathon & Half Marathon - St George (2023)

Dreaming of Boston?
This Event is for you! Join us for a super flat & fast 1-mile Certified course!


Have you been dreaming of running Boston? Need to shave a few minutes off your time to qualify? Looking for the perfect course to set a PR? Regardless, if you want to run Boston or not, THIS is the event for you!

We're racing at Crimson Cliffs High School. The course is a 1-mile super flat & super fast loop! Both the Full Marathon & Half Marathon are USATF certified. The Full Marathon is a Boston Qualifier.

This is a super unique event...you get to have personalized aid, loads of cheering along the way to keep you going, and split times every mile.

Event details and schedule

Packet Pickup Information

If you chose a 5:30AM wave start time, you MUST come to early packet pickup.

Where: Scullers Draft House DIRECTIONS

When: 12/3 4-6PM

I'm Bound for Boston Marathon & Half Marathon - St George (1)

If you're choosing an earlier wave start time, we strongly urge you to pick your packet up early!

Even if you're not in one of the earlier waves, come get your race packet, and your last minute (or extra) race day/running needs!

  • Race Morning

Check-in will open at 5:30 AM

Entry Fees & Registration

Event Cap is a total of 175 participants. In an effort to give the Marathoners the best shot at obtaining a spot, Half Marathon registration will open on October 3rd.

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Early Registration (ends 9/30)

  • Full: $85
  • Half: $60 (opens 10/3)

Regular Registration (ends 10/21)

  • Full: $95
  • Half: $65

Last Chance Registration (Ends 11/27)

  • Full: $115
  • Half: $75

Race Day Registration (available if event cap has not been met)

  • Full: $120
  • Half: $85

Virtual Option

  • Half: $45
  • Full: $45

Virtual Race You can't qualify for Boston by doing a Virtual Race, but you can get some awesome swag! Register by November 18th to guarantee shirt & size.

You'll submit your time by end of day on December 4th, and we'll post your results for the Virtual Race. Shirts and medals are all mailed first thing after the weekend.

Virtual Running - How it works & Link for Time Submission

New to Virtual Running? Here's how it works:

Step 1

Get excited, grab some friends and buddies to join you! Sign up and register for the virtual Boston Bound Marathon or Half!

Step 2

Hydrate, grab your buddy (or not) and get ready to get moving! Download your downloadable custom bib below!

Step 3

Get out there and run or walk! You can run at the park, your favorite route in your neighborhood; anywhere you want. Please remember to social distance & be safe!

Step 4

(Video) Unbelievable horse race at Newcastle! 😮


Share your distance, a selfie, or a picture along your race route and use the hashtag #Bostonbound2022

Step 5

You can submit your race time HERE on the Virtual Results page anytime until 12/4/2022 11:59 PM.

Step 6

View your Virtual Results HERE Monday after the Event Date.

I'm Bound for Boston Marathon & Half Marathon - St George (2)

Wave Start Times

In order to keep the race course thin, providing everyone with plenty of time to finish, and to allow participants to get an early start; we will have three start times available.

The official start time for the event will be 6:30 AM, with additional waves at 6:00 AM & 5:30 AM.

Because of the extended time for traffic control, there will be a $5.00 fee for each additional 30 minutes you register for before the official start at 6:30 AM.

The earlier waves will also be limited in size to 50 participants each.

Awards & Goodies

Register by November 18th to guarantee your shirt & size!

All participants will receive a custom Finisher Medal!

The primary goal of this event is for everyone to GO FAST, but we'll have some great awards for everyone. Each race will have awards in the following categories:

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  • Top 3 Overall M/F
  • Top 3 Master M/F
  • Overall Grand Master (50+)
  • Overall Sr. Grand Master (60+)
  • Age Groups (M/F)19 & Under through 80+

Boston Qualifying

Both the marathon and half marathon course are USATF certified, which means the Marathon will be a Boston Qualifier. The number is coming!

You will also be able to use your times for Peachtree Qualification, or almost any other race that requires a qualifying time.

Here's a link to the Boston Standards https://www.baa.org/races/boston-marathon/enter/qualify

Here's a link to the Peachtree Qualifying Standards https://dynamix-cdn.s3.amazonaws.com/atlantatrackcluborg/atlantatrackcluborg_547539165.pdf

Course & Timing Details

1 mile FLAT & FAST loop
Both the Half & Full are USATF certified...so the Full will be a Boston Qualifier

Sarasota Boston Bound Course Map

Yes...It's a 1 mile loop.

NO...We've never had any one say it was tedious, we have had hundreds of people say it was loads of fun.


  • Chip timed Start & Finish
  • Chip timed split every mile
  • Mile splits are displayed on timing clocks as you pass by the mile point...helping you keep on pace.


  • We realize that it might get a little repetitive running a 1 mile loop...so we'll have music & entertainment along the course to keep you going and motivated!

Course Cut Off

  • Because of the nature of the event, the course will close at 10:30 am (4 hour race time).

Notes when running:

1. Run the tangents...that means always run the shortest possible route.

2. If you want to walk or run slower, no problem...we just need you to run on the right so the faster participants can get through on the shortest path.

(Video) The Voice Stage Marathon | Part 2 | Stage 26-50

3. Remember...it's a one mile loop, with the .1 or .2 going from the lap count to the finish.

Aid Stations

Make sure you have plenty of hydration to keep you going on your run! We will have water, a gatorade-type drink & bananas.

2 stations along the course (every 1/2 mile)

  • 1 station with cups of water along with bananas.
  • 1 station with your (Bring Your Own) personal aid (drinks & gel) Please make sure you drop your personal aid off in enough time before the Race Start! We'll have volunteers to hand off your items. Aid Station tables will be set up according to bib numbers.

Event Schedule

November 18th: Last Day to Guarantee shirt & Size

December 4th: Event Day!

  • 5:30 AM - Race Day Check in Opens
  • 5:30 AM - Wave 1 starts
  • 6:00 AM - Wave 2 starts
  • 6:30 AM - Races Start
  • 10:30 AM - Course Closes

Five Star Turkey Trot

All participants will automatically qualify for 1 FREE entry into one of the 2022 Five Star Turkey Trots. See event website for details.

Top finishers will also qualify for entry into the Five Star 5K/10K Championships to be held January 8, 2023.

Refunds, Transfers, & Deferments

Our events are designed to be fun for the entire family. With that in mind; any competitor, spectator, parent, volunteer, or sponsor, exhibiting unsportsmanlike
conduct or interfering with the positive, competitive atmosphere of the event will be asked to leave the venue and course immediately with no refunds.

All registrations are final. There are no refunds, deferments, or transfers.

Event will take place rain or shine. In the event of extreme weather, we will cancel for the safety of the participants...there are no refunds in this case.

Participants that do not show up to race/event forfeit their right to any swag.

No COVID-19 Refunds. If unforeseen circumstances arise due to COVID-19, including any Federal or State Health Emergency, refunds will not be provided. The event will go 100% Virtual & shirts will be shipped to participants.

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