Filet crochet is an open, lacy technique that’s often used to show geometric patterns, images and lettering. The techniques involved are very simple – basic filet only uses chains and treble stitches, but with just these basic stitches, you can create an unlimited number of filet crochet patterns, shapes and images. Here are 21 filet crochet patterns for you to try!


There are so many wonderful crochet filet patterns out there that aren’t just a lace table runner! As you can see from the patterns below, there are so many ways that you can create a design just by leaving holes in your crochet.

So browse through this list because we now at least one of these patterns would be great as your next project!

1. Filet Crochet Bunny Blanket Pattern by Red Heart

If you love filet crochet, try this fresh springtime project that brings elegant warmth to the nursery or guestroom. Crochet as shown, in all its bunny glory, or select a shade that makes the bunny silhouette adorable to you. It’s an entertaining and easy crochet blanket if you’ve never tried filet crochet before.


Get the Pattern here

2. Lace Beach Cover Up Crochet Pattern by The Snugglery Patterns

Filet crochetis a fun technique using the negative space of chain spaces to create bold graphic designs. The technique, applied in this intermediate pattern, creates a lacy boho beach cover-up with a hint of a modern, geometric design that looks incredibly advanced using only the most basic crochet stitches.


Get the Pattern by The Snugglery Patterns here

3. Shrug Easy Filet Crochet Pattern by Make And Do Crew

Don’t let the dolman sleeves and modern silhouette fool you—the construction of this on-trend sweater is super simple! You’ll work one large rectangle in a mesh pattern using only double crochet and chains.

After seaming the rectangle in half, you’ll add sleeves, again using only basic stitches. Lastly, a long rectangle made from the accent color will be added to form the wide collar and edging.


Get the Pattern here

4. Easy Sleeveless Top Filet Crochet Pattern by Mama In A Stitch

Subtle vintage vibes make this denim-look crocheted top a classic for summer. The boat neck top features clean lines, open stitching and a fabric that’s both soft and has amazing drape.

Pair it with jeans, a skirt or shorts to take you from the work day to coffee with friends. The simple design of the shirt is created by an equally simple pattern which will be enjoyed by beginners and intermediate crochet artists alike.


Get the Pattern here

(Video) Using an Antique Crochet Pattern | Filet Crochet Table Runner

5. Butterfly Meadows Table Runner Crochet Pattern by The Unraveled Mitten

This Butterfly Table Runner features a pretty floral filet crochet pattern. Perfect for spring! This pattern is written in English using standard American terms with step-by-step instructions and photos to help guide your hook to completion.

This beautiful butterfly table runner would make a nice gift for anyone who enjoys the spring season.


Get the Pattern by The Unraveled Mitten here

6. Rose And Lace Doily Crochet Pattern by Yarnspirations

This lacy filet crochet doily is created with a timeless rose design that makes it attractive for tables, buffets, dressers, and more. Your project begins in any shade that inspires your creativity.

It’s an elegant accent that brings distinction to a room, softening the feel of modern spaces, as well as the country and traditional décors. Where will you display your first project?


Get the Pattern here

7. Alphabet Blanket Filet Crochet Pattern by Avondale Patterns

This delightfulalphabet filet blanketis a wonderful heirloom blanket for a newborn or young baby. It is a blanket that can easily be undertaken by beginners as there are no unusual or difficult stitches to master.

The blanket is made usingDK weight yarnand useschains,double crochet(US-single crochet), andtreble crochet(US-double crochet) stitches.

You will also need a size 4.00 mm (G/6) hook and a yarn needle. The finished blanket measures approx 31.5 inches x 28.5 inches / 80 cm x 73 cm.


Get the Pattern by Avondale Patterns here

8. Crochet Lacy Cardigan Pattern by For The Frills

Light and airy, thisCrochet Lacy Summer Cardiganis the ultimate summer project!Simple crochet stitchesandchainscombine to create a drapey lace cardigan, that’s a lot easier to crochet than it seems!

With a relaxed, comfy fit, this cardigan pairs well over jeans, dresses, or use it as a cover-up at the beach!


Get the Pattern by For The Frills here

9. Tablecloth Free Filet Crochet Pattern by Yarn Plaza

This cheerful tablecloth is the perfect item to do so! Doesn’t the cheerful color makes you want to start right away? This tablecloth is crocheted using afilet crochet technique. When working according to the pattern chart you create a beautiful pattern in your work.

It’s called‘drawing with your crochet hook and designed a floral pattern that constantly will be repeated. This way you’ll get a cheerful floral tablecloth.

(Video) How to filet crochet Part 1

Get the Pattern here

10. Filet Bandanna Crochet Pattern by Red Heart

This crochet bandanna is a great way to try out filet crochet and expand your skills! Delicate and sophisticated, it adds a lovely layer of texture to any outfit. This accessory is fetching in any color that sets off your style!


Get the Pattern here

11. Simple Filet Crochet Starburst Square Pattern by Creative Jewish Mom

Here’s a super simple yet quite lovelyfilet crochet, with just enough detail to make it interesting, yet simple enough for crocheters of any level to pull off. Since there are no color changes that means a lot fewer ends to weave in!

And the fun part is that the squares are attached by crocheting them together, first with a row of single crochetand then a raised row ofdouble crochet, simple and really unique!


Get the Pattern here

12. Filet Crochet Diamond Wrap Pattern by Christa Co Design

This Blue Diamond Wrap is an easy to wear wrap that doesn’t overwhelming while still providing coverage. Versatile enough to wear loosely or wrapped more securely, according to your needs.

The simple diamond design is achieved with simple skipped stitches and chains. A great beginner piece for creating designs with filet crochet


Get the Pattern by Christa Co Design here

13. Messy Bun Hat Crochet Pattern by It Was Yarn

The messy bun hat is a fun variation on the beanie. There is a ​hole in the top toput your ponytail or bun through, so you can have an updo and wear a beanie at the same time.

This crochet beanie pattern is a particularly lacy design. It is intended as a summer hat, more for decoration than to keep you warm.

(Video) Eco-Friendly Crochet Project- Filet Crochet Market Bag

Get the Pattern by It Was Yarn here

14. Filet Poncho Crochet Pattern by Heart Hook Home

For this pattern we are using a variation of filet crochet. Filet crochet means that you’re crocheting double crochets and chain-spaces in “blocks” or “sets” of squares. In this pattern we have 9-block squares that are separated out by rows of solid crochet, then offset the next time.

It’s roomy, it’s flowy, it’s warm, it’s got a peek-a-boo effect – it’s simply fabulous! The “one-size” fits most folks up to about XL – 2XL. The “plus size” fits up to about 3XL. If a size larger is needed, there are recommendations for this as well!


Get the Pattern here

15. Quilt Block Filet Pillow Crochet Pattern by Yarnspirations

Interest in filet crochet is on the rise. This contemporary, quilt-inspired pillow makes good use of the filet technique. It’s a perfect finishing touch, so enhance any space with a pillow in your favorite shade.


Get the Pattern here

16. Linked Hearts Blanket Filet Crochet Pattern by Stitched Up By Emma

This is a simple and unique blanket, made using the Filet technique of crochet.It is such an addictive technique to use as you slowly see the pattern emerging with each finished row.

It uses DK yarn and a4.5 mm hookbut you can use any to suit your preference but this will alter the size of your blanket.


Get the Pattern by Stitched Up By Emma here

17. Filet Crochet Curtain Tie Back Pattern by B.hooked Crochet

This is a thread crochet pattern that worked in the niche of filet crochet. If you haven’t already learned this niche, here is a great pattern to work on as a beginner.

Get the Pattern here

18. Honeycomb Tank Top Crochet Pattern by Briana K Designs

Need a comfy and cool summer top? ThisHoneycomb Crochet Tank Top Patternis a unique and buzzing summer trend in fashion. This unique use of filet hexagons creates a honeycomb look for a cool and wearable crochet summer top.

This pattern is worked as one piece, from bottom up, and in rows.If a longer length is desired add one more repeat on the body portion. Trim is added and at the same time buttonholes are created for the front.


Get the Pattern by Briana K Designs here

(Video) CROCHET: HOW TO FILET CROCHET | Bella Coco Crochet AD

19. Lace Crochet Gloves Patterns by Crochet Create

It’s coming to the time of year when gloves hats and scarves will be needed as more than a fashion accessory. Be that as it may it’s still nice to be adorned with something stylish yet simple. These beautiful blue gloves will do just the trick.

Dress up a casual outfit, wear them as part of a costume for halloween or simply to add a stylish bit of detail to any outfit. Make them in blue, pink, red, green, black, any colour you wish, one set for every outfit if you like!

The gloves mix the form of filet crochet with a delicate ruffle to form a glove that will truly be one of a kind.


Get the Pattern by Crochet Create here

20. Filet Crochet Butterfly Pattern by Stitches N Scraps

Out of a myriad of lace comes the Filet Crochet Butterfly. You will love the design of this pattern that kind of sneaks the butterfly in. There is a lacy and a solid version, which you can make in any yarn weight.

This pattern comes with charts to show you how to filet crochet easily. You can use this motif for whatever project you want or make it into a wall hanging decoration.


Get the Pattern here

21. Bookmark For Mom Filet Crochet Pattern by Yarnspirations

Is there a better gift for Mother’s Day than this handmade crochet bookmark? Created especially for mom, this delicate project is finished with a pretty butterfly end.

Customize in any shade for a beautiful heirloom befitting the best mom in the world! We know you’ll want to share this wonderful pattern with fellow crocheters too!


Get the Pattern here


Give it a try and make up something fun! Make sure to post all of the amazing pieces you crochet to ourFacebook Page. Pretty sure everyone else would love to see them. For more enjoyable patterns, check out our Crochet Lace Patterns and Crochet Mandala Patterns.

And if you’re looking for other challenging stitches to take on, we have lots of otherstitchesin store for you!

Now, it’s time to practice your filet crochet techniques with these beautiful filet crochet patterns!


How do you crochet a filet pattern? ›

HOW TO FILET CROCHET | Bella Coco Crochet AD - YouTube

What yarn is used for filet crochet? ›

This style of crochet is commonly used in lightweight yarn, but if you have a large-scale project in mind, worsted weight would work well too. Filet crochet is a popular choice for tablecloths, place mats, curtains, bedspreads or a lace shawl.

How do I read a filet pattern? ›

The filet crochet chart is read from the bottom up. Row 1 is at the bottom of the image. Odd-numbered rows are worked from right to left but even number rows are worked from left to right. This is important to know when working asymmetrical designs.

Is crochet filet hard? ›

Filet crochet is an easy technique that can have stunning results. Filet crochet patterns are made up of open meshes and solid meshes with patterns that depict this (so the patterns are crochet charts, not written instructions).

How do you crochet a square filet? ›

Crochet Vintage Filet Granny Square Tutorial - YouTube

How do you crochet a round filet? ›

Lacy Circles Crochet Stitch - Right Handed Crochet Tutorial - YouTube

How do you calculate the beginning of a crochet filet chain? ›

If working a chart using 4-dc filet crochet you would take the number of blocks across the first row of your chart, multiply that number by 3, then add 1. This will give you your starting chain.

What does filet mean in crochet? ›

Filet crochet is a technique with which you can create wonderful pictures, words, and intricate patterns using solid blocks of crochet in combination with open mesh. It is often achieved by reading a filet crochet chart that shows you which blocks to fill in and which blocks to leave open.

What is locking filet crochet? ›

Interlocking crochet is created by working two filet crochet meshes, one of each colour, at the same time. The meshes are worked so that they are weave in and out of each other and this is what forms the patterns.

How do you crochet a filet name? ›

Filet Crochet | BEGINNER | The Crochet Crowd - YouTube


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