Best time to go to Cancun, Mexico: No rain, Tourists or Seaweed! (2023)

You are considering spending your next vacation in Mexico andwould like to know the best time to go to Cancun this year.

Between the Sargasso, the spring breakers, the rain, the humidity, and the prices that can triple, it’s hard to make a choice. Plus, depending on the month you choose, your dream vacation can turn into a nightmare (okay, I may be exaggerating a bit).

I stayed2 monthsin the Riviera Maya and was able to ask this famous question to many locals and local travel agencies.

Simply put, the best months are February, May, and November.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come the other months! The answer may be quite different depending on what you want to do.

Read the rest of this article to know which month to travel to Cancun (part 1), get an overview of the climate month by month (part 2), and many valuable tips to consider before coming (part 3).

👉 Don’t hesitate to read our Cancun guide to plan your vacation and not make any more mistakes. You will find all our articles about this destination.

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Plan your trip around Cancun

In2 months, I’ve spent more than10,000 USDto testthe best activities in the Riviera Maya. Stay with me to quickly decide which experiences you should do and learn how to make the most of your trip.

Best time to visit Cancun: Tell me your plan

Best time to go to Cancun, Mexico: No rain, Tourists or Seaweed! (2)

In this section, I tell you which month to go depending on what you want to do (or not) in Cancun.

You hate humidity

Best time to go to Cancun, Mexico: No rain, Tourists or Seaweed! (3)

If humidity is a problem, avoid the period from June to September, with the highest temperatures (average temperature > 31°C – 88°F) and the highest rainfall (humidity > 74%). The humidity is close to 100%, and the atmosphere is heavy and oppressive. The best time to visit Cancun is from December to March, the least humid months of the year (65% on average). The air is damp but comfortable enough. April, May, October, and November are acceptable.

You hate rainy days

Best time to go to Cancun, Mexico: No rain, Tourists or Seaweed! (4)

Cancun is in the tropics; shoers are intense, but unless you are unlucky, they are short. The period of the year with the lightest cloud cover is March to May. The sunniest days are between December and April, but from November and even into May, the sky is mostly clear (60% on average).

The hottest months

Best time to go to Cancun, Mexico: No rain, Tourists or Seaweed! (5)

It is always hot in Cancun, but the hottest time of year is from May to October (average temperature: 28°C – 83°F ). Between November and April, temperatures are more bearable, humidity is the lowest, and there is a welcome breeze. Note that the early mornings and evenings can be chilly from December to March.

Low prices

It’s simple, the prices are cheapest in the low season and during the hurricane season (which, by the way, is not so frequent), i.e., in May and June and from August to November.

You will get the best deals from September to November. Be careful; however, some tourist sites and restaurants are closed in October due to decreased affluence.

Avoid the crowd

If you want to avoid the tourist crowds, don’t come to Cancun in the high season (mid-December – March), nor in August. Also exclude Thanksgiving week, which is very popular for Americans, and Holy Week, which Mexicans love to spend in Cancun. Avoid Spring break crowds (March), when memorable parties are organized almost day and night.

In fact, the best months to enjoy a quiet holiday are May, October, and November.

Quality family time

November is ideal for a family holiday: affordable prices, good climate, and no seaweed on the beaches. If you can come in summer only, choose a hotel with nice pools for the days of seaweed. April is a good option too, temperatures permit outdoor activities, and Children’s Day, celebrated on the 30th in Mexico, offers discounts. May remains an interesting possibility (bearable climate and warm sea). Do not come for Thanksgiving.

Enjoy outdoor day trips

Jungle trip: December to April is the best time to explore the jungle (the sun shines, there is low humidity, and there are no mosquitoes). May is even better because there are fewer tourists (peak season lasts from January to March). November is great too, but there is a higher risk of heavy rainfall.

Boat trip: Sail on calm, warm seas between July and September, but it may rain. Book at the last minute after checking the weather forecast 2-3 days beforehand. A boat trip in may can be nice too.

Swimming, Snorkeling, and Diving

If you dream of swimming in the Caribbean Sea, go to Cancun between November and March as it is out of seaweed season, but the sea is warmer between July and October (average temperature 28°C – 83°F).

Cancun is not really the best place for snorkeling tours and diving (often rough sea, low visibility, and lots of dead coral), but for the fans, May and June are the best months. While diving, you can observe whale sharks, bulldog sharks, turtles, manta rays, and eagle rays (May to September is the best time to see them). From August to November (tropical depression and hurricane season), waves and surges can affect diving conditions.

To fully enjoy a cenote with a constant water temperature (23-24°C – 73°F), choose a sunny day.

Swim with whale sharks

As a protected species, the Mexican government decides when it is allowed to swim with whale sharks. In 2022, this was set from 15 May to 17 September. However, depending on the weather conditions and the number of specimens, their observation is not guaranteed (in case of strong winds, the trip may be canceled).

July and August are the best time to swim with whale sharks.

Swim with bulldog sharks

The bulldog shark is classified as one of the five predatory species of sharks potentially dangerous to Humans. This slightly exaggerated reputation is based on its habitat being close to activity areas at the seaside. When diving without any food, it is a rather shy animal. Diving with bulldog sharks is easy (shallow waters of Playa del Carmen and close to the coast); the best period is November to March.

Swim with Sailfish

Each year the sailfish, the fastest fish, frequents the Mexican Caribbean waters, attracted by the abundance of sardines moving into huge and impressive schools. February and March are the best months to swim and snorkel with them.

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Swim with Sea Turtles

The two most common sea turtle species in Cancun are the Green Turtle and the Loggerhead Turtle.

Between June and September, you can see nesting sea turtles at night on the beach and observe them swimming and feeding in the nearshore waters during the day. In August, the baby turtles hatch and head out to sea. The hatching period can last until December.


Sailfish are abundant in the Cancun area between January and April, when they come to feed.

Blue and White Merlin are present between May and July (larger specimens at the beginning of the season). You will have more chances to catch them at the full moon.

The Mahi Mahi, a beautiful and colorful fish, is a favorite of sportive fishermen between April and August.

Respect the quotas, sizes, and fishing periods.


Cancun nightlife is famous all the year (mainly in Punta Cancun), but there are 3 particularly festive periods: Thanksgiving, Holy Week, and Spring Break. The audience and age range change depending on the time of year. Selling alcohol to people under 18 is forbidden in bars and clubs.

Celebrate my Honeymoon

If the budget is not a problem, spend your honeymoon in Cancun between January and March. In February, you have fewer crowds and enjoy great weather and clean beaches. In March, choose an all-inclusive resort away from the spring breakers.

You will get great deals in the shoulder season, but there is a risk of rain in December and seaweed in April.

Join Cool Events

In November and December, you can enjoy many music festivals apart from the traditional Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties.

In May, the Travesia Sagrada, a 24-hour race of 300 canoes, takes place with music and dancing and if you are a good swimmer, take part in the crazy Cruce Cancun, which consists of swimming from Cancun to Isla Mujeres.

Beach quality time at the resort

To fully enjoy the beach at your all-inclusive resort, you need sunny days and no seaweed. The best months are from January to March. The ocean temperature is a little cooler than during the summer months (average temperature 26°C – 79°F), but it remains nice for swimming.

Best time to go to Cancun: Month by Month

Best time to go to Cancun, Mexico: No rain, Tourists or Seaweed! (6)

In this section, discover a brief analysis of the climate, the type of travelers present you’ll meet, and the events not to be missed!

Visit Cancun in January

🎉The Christmas festivities end on January 6th with El Dia de Los Reyes (Day of Kings). Mexicans give each other gifts and eat the traditional Rosca del Reys, a sweet cake with fruits in which a figure of Jesus is hidden. It is a family event; shops and tourist sites are open.

If you are a festival lover, book an all-inclusive stay at one of the 4 Moon Palace Cancun resorts and attend the Playing in the sand, a 3-night concert series by the band Dead & Company. During the day, enjoy a stunning kilometer-long white sand beach, meet famous artists around the pool or explore the Yucatan Peninsula.

☀️The weather is warm, dry, and sunny, quite nice then. The temperature can reach 28°C (82°F) during the day; at night, you will appreciate that it drops to much more comfortable values (average temperature 20°C – 68°F).

The ocean is a little cooler (26°C – 79°F).

👪In January, Cancun is overcrowded with tourists.

🔎January is excellent for outdoor activities, and the water is super clear for snorkeling and diving. You will enjoy your days on the beach.

Visit Cancun in February

🎉That’s the month of Carnival! A very important festival for Mexican people.

Carnival takes place in downtown Cancun. Parades in glitter costumes, lively dances, decorated floats from where candies are literally raining down, the vibes are fantastic for 3 days. While trying to follow the rhythm, you can taste some delicious local specialties cooked in the street, have a drink at many stands, or buy souvenirs.

You will also be able to attend super Caribbean music concerts with national and local artists.

☀️The weather conditions are more or less the same as in January, sunny and dry (28°C – 82°F max during the day and average temperature of 20°C – 68°F at night).

👪Even if it is still the peak tourist season in Cancun, the tourist flow is slightly lower than in January.

Visit Cancun in March

🎉If you are a party addict, Spring break is in full swing in March, and it’s the time and place for the world’s biggest parties.

The American students come and celebrate the end of their exams too. They crowd the resorts and hold wild, well-drunk fiestas 24/7 everywhere. This vibe isn’t for everybody.

Running fans can participate in the annual Cancun Half Marathon, organized on March 5th for International Women’s Day. This race takes place in a warm Mexican ambiance and superb landscapes.

For a mystery experience, join the crowd in Chichen Itza on the spring equinox day to see the feathered serpent god Kukukkan descending the temple of El Castillo. Note that the phenomenon can be seen a few days before and a few days after the equinox.

☀️In March, the maximum and minimum temperatures increase very slightly compared to January and February (March average temperature is 29°C – 84°F), and the risk of rain decreases. The air is a little more humid but still comfortable.

👪In March, Cancún is invaded by the party animals. It’s up to you to choose whether to join them or to move to a more peaceful place.

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Visit Cancun in April

🎉In April, the Paradise Blue Festival, a 3-day music event, attracts music fans worldwide. In the Cancun hotel zone, two resort partners of the festival, the Paradisus and the Fiesta Americana will offer you all-inclusive packages.

If you are a fan of Electronic Music, the Cancun Music Week is also organized during the month for 5 days. In addition to the concerts, you can join conferences and workshops to improve your knowledge of this musical style.

Every year, during the whole month, you will enjoy many events and festivities celebrating the anniversary of the foundation of Cancun.

If you travel with your family, take advantage of discounts on activities on Children’s Day, April 30.

☀️The temperature (April average temperature is 31°C – 88°F) and the humidity level continue to increase compared to the previous months, but the air is comfortable enough to go and visit. There is very little rain, and sunshine and light breeze make it very pleasant to stay at the seaside.

👪In April, you’ll never be alone, and you must remember that Cancun is the place to be for the Mexicans to spend Holy Week.

🔎This is the month that sees the arrival of the first Sargasso. Depending on where you stay, you may not be able to enjoy the beach.

Visit Cancun in May

🎉The whale sharks start gathering.

You can also immerse yourself in the legendary and world-famous Cancun Jumpoff, a music festival that takes place over the American Memorial Day weekend in amazing locations and offers day and night festivities. All-inclusive packages are available.

If you like to swim, participate in two great open water races in Isla Mujeres, the Iron swim or the Cruce Completo for the more skilled swimmers.

Don’t miss the Travesía Sagrada Maya, a Mayan ritual from the pre-Hispanic era, which gathers 300 canoes each year.

☀️In May, the sea breeze helps to forget the high humidity. The cloud cover is greater than in previous months, but you can still enjoy sunny days, and the ocean is warming up (may average temperature is 32°C).

👪Cancun is getting quieter; the peak tourist season is over.

🔎If you really want to swim with whale sharks, you might be disappointed as you may have to wait without seeing them.

As days are pretty hot, it is best to save visits to sites or adventure parks for the morning, especially at the end of the month.

Visit Cancun in June

🎉If you are a naturalist, you can observe the first turtles nesting on the beaches at night.

If you like military parades, go to the Día de la Marina on June 1st, which salutes the men and women of the maritime service in Cancun, as in all the Mexican seaside towns.

If you are concerned about the protection of the oceans, you can attend the Festival de Los Oceanos, which organizes concerts and public sensibilization events from mid-May to mid-June (free of charge, but registration is required).

☀️It’s one of the rainiest months of the year (11 days on average), but the falls do not last long. It is also the beginning of the hurricane season. The temperature is comparable to the previous month (June’s average temperature is 32°C – 90°F). Humidity is still acceptable, but you will feel most comfortable in the seaside breeze.

👪Cancun is less quiet than in May; American students come to party.

🔎Be aware if you are afraid of them, mosquitoes are coming.

Visit Cancun in July

🎉You will be able to see the first hatching of baby sea turtles and their first steps into the sea. It is also a good month to observe marine life (whale sharks, turtles).

July 25th is El Dia Fuera del Tiempo, the first day of the year according to the Mayan calendar. It is mainly a day to think about the year passed and the beginning of a new cycle. Large festivities are organized on the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum, and smaller ones take place in some of Cancun’s resorts.

For more fun, come to Destination X The Urban Summer Oasis, a 5-day festival that ignites Cancun’s nightlife and beaches for all kinds of festivities, from DJ concerts to bikini contests.

☀️There are fewer rainy days than in June (10 on average), but the storms are stronger. The humidity is oppressive, the wind is less frequent, the days are warmer (July average temperature > 32°C – 90°F), and the minimum temperatures do not go below 25°C – 77°F (mainly in the second part of the month).

👪The number of tourists is lower than in June, particularly after July 15th. There are more families (local or from abroad).

🔎You will be able to enjoy more boat trips as the sea is calmer.

This is the best time of the year to swim with whale sharks, and the ocean is warmer than in previous months.

Visit Cancun in August

☀️In August, Cancun is still very hot (August average temperature is 33°C – 91°F), and the air is suffocating because of the high humidity, especially during the first two weeks. During the second part of the month, the temperature decreases, and the number of rainy days increases, but the rainfalls do not last long. The weather is changeable, from sunny skies to tropical storms.

The ocean is really warm (29°C – 84°F).

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👪You won’t have to worry too much about crowds; most tourists are Mexican or foreign families.

🔎This is the last month of the year when you can observe turtles nesting on the beaches at night or see whale sharks.

To escape the heat and humidity, favor the beach or explore a cenote.

Visit Cancun in September

🎉If History interests you, attend the Mexican Independence Day festivities, celebrating the beginning of the war against Spain that led to the defeat of the Spanish after 300 years of occupation. Historical reconstitution, dance, music, and fantastic fireworks attract thousands of people.

As in Spring, Mexicans celebrate the Autumn Equinox in Chichen Itza, but you may have difficulty seeing the feathered serpent god, Kukulkan, as the weather is often rainy and cloudy.

☀️September is the rainiest month of the year (15 days on average), and the sky is cloudy most of the time. The frequent and intense rainfalls last a little longer than in August. The still high temperature (September average temperature is 32°C – 90°F) and the extreme humidity make the atmosphere very muggy.

Even if they are rare, hurricanes hit Cancun in September or October.

👪It’s the low season; you will be alone, Wilson!

🔎You can get great deals, but beware that it’s the closing season for some restaurants, bars, and agencies.

Plan activities for rainy days when going to the beach is not possible.

September is your last chance to see whale sharks. It is also the end of the sea turtle nesting and hatching season.

Visit Cancun in October

🎉On the occasion of Halloween, you will be able to party in costume in many clubs in Cancun.

If you are a music lover or a fishing aficionado, go to the Island Time Music Festival, which for 4 days organizes intimate musical shows and fishing competitions in the paradisiac site of Isla Mujeres.

If you are a golf fan, do not miss the Mayakoba Championship, where more than 100 professional golfers compete during one week on the beautiful golf course of El Camaleón, just north of Playa del Carmen. Check the date as, depending on the calendar, it might start at the beginning of November.

☀️In October, it still rains a lot (13 days with rain), but the weather becomes more pleasant as the month progresses. It is a bit less hot (the October temperature average is 31°C – 88°F), a little wind clears the sky more often, and storms are less frequent. The water temperature drops slightly (28°C – 82°F).

👪You will still be alone in Cancun with Wilson, your balloon friend.

🔎The seaweed invasions are less frequent, so enjoying the beaches is more pleasant.

The mosquitoes go away.

There are still great deals to be done.

If you escape the rain, outdoor visits are pleasant again.

Visit Cancun in November

🎉Fancy some jazz, disco, pop, or funk? For the Solfest, the Moon Palace Cancun welcomes many artists for great concerts, night and day. Don’t forget to book your ticket in advance.

Don’t miss the fantastic Cancun Jazz Festival either, where you can get all-inclusive packages.

If you’re looking for a more intimate festival, join We Are Mexico, a 7-day festival with shows, excursions, and well-being activities.

On the occasion of El Dia de Los Muertos, the deceased are joyfully celebrated on November 1st and 2nd. You can see the cemeteries decorated with flowers and presents, lit with hundreds of candles. First, it’s a family event. You can attend traditional ceremonies in the city’s parks or follow the parade in Cancun.

☀️The November average temperature drops to 29°C (84°F). The days are clearer, it rains less and less, and the humidity level decreases. At the end of the month, we have almost ideal weather. The ocean cools down very slightly (28°C – 82°F). It is the end of the hurricane season.

👪It is the low season except for the horde of Americans at Thanksgiving.

🔎November is the best month to visit Cancun.

Visit Cancun in December

🎉Music lovers can attend various friendly festivals, such as the Ember Shores and the Electric Zoo Family.

With 6 concert venues in Cancun, you can dance to the crazy rhythms of the Holy Ship, attend this year’s Sun Soaked Event for a festive and relaxed mood, or experience country music at Strings & Sol.

During the Sunset Boat Parade, you can admire the parade of illuminated boats in the Nichupte Lagoon with family or friends.

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And, of course, on New Year’s Eve, Cancun is bursting with lavish parties and fireworks.

☀️It is the beginning of the dry season, with occasional rainfall, sunny days, and super temperature (28°C – 82°F). The nights are deliciously cool (20°C – 68°F), and the ocean is at 27°C (81°F). Great weather.

👪From mid-December, the hordes of tourists start pouring in again.

🔎Great visibility underwater for snorkeling and diving.

👉 Do you want to know more about this month? Read our post:Cancun in December.

Best time to go to Cancun: useful tips

Best time to go to Cancun, Mexico: No rain, Tourists or Seaweed! (7)

We all make mistakes the first time we travel to a new destination. Read this section carefully to be better prepared for your visit to Cancun.

A Sargazo tsunami is coming

If you come to Cancun between April and October, you may be disturbed by the seaweed. Choose a resort in Playa/Costa Mujeres where the beaches are more protected or a hotel with nice pools and regularly cleaned beaches.

Is Cancun fun in the rain?

Yes, Cancun is still fun in the rain. The first good news is that it won’t be cold even when it rains. The second is that you’ll still find fun things to do:

🔦Explore an underground river: On a bad weather day, you can explore one of the many underground rivers. Several tours offer family excursions.

🤠Visit the Museo Maya de Cancun:Ideal for learning more about Mexican history and admiring the beautiful pieces found in the archaeological sites of the Yucatan Peninsula.

🛍️Shopping:Shopping addicts will be happy in Cancun’s huge shopping mall or at the Mercado del 28 de Noviembre, where many souvenirs are bargained for.

🏎️ ATV/Buggy: I rode a buggy in the rain; it was a crazy experience! There were mud puddles everywhere and 0 dust. Adrenaline guaranteed!

What is the rainy season in Cancun?

The country is tropical, so it often rains, and the showers are usually intense but short. The rainiest months are from June to October, with July being the “driest.” In the presence of nearby hurricanes, there may be a succession of rainy days.

Spring breakers are in my hotel

Spring breakers will less invade a resort in Riviera Cancun, Playa Mujeres, or Isla Mujeres.

Is Cancun weather predictable?

Even if the weather is changeable, looking at the forecasts a little in advance is advisable, especially if you have to make reservations for activities.

Does Cancun have hurricane season?

Officially, the hurricane season is from June to November, with most storms between August and October. But don’t worry! Only two major hurricanes have hit Cancun within 17 years.

Get better prices

Travel in May, June, September, and October to get the best prices and book your flight ticket 3 to 4 months in advance. Book hotels as early as possible.

What to do in Cancun when it’s cold?

It never gets cold in Cancun! And no doubt you will appreciate the freshness of some mornings and nights between January and March.

Low season in Cancun

The low season is from June to October, with September and October being the least crowded.

Tourists won’t surround you, and you’ll get the best prices. On the other hand, the weather is very hot and muggy, short showers are unpredictable, and it’s seaweed and hurricane season (rare!). Plus some tourist places and restaurants are closed for the season.

Medium season in Cancun

American students celebrate their graduation in June, and in July and August, Cancun is mainly frequented by Mexican and other foreign families.

High season in Cancun

The high season is spread throughout the year, with various tourist profiles. Travelers worldwide come in January, February, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

For Spring break, young, crazy Americans arrive.

The visitors are mostly Americans, Colombians, and Mexicans for Holy Week.

And the Americans love Cancun for the big Thanksgiving weekend.

Of course, all prices are skyrocketing. You can still make some good deals if you book in advance, including activities and your spot on the beach!

Shoulder season

The shoulder season is April, May, and November until mid-December.

A good time to go to Cancun; few tourists, and the weather is pretty good. In November, you won’t get any seaweed on the beaches, and the clientele is mainly made up of locals and regulars. April and May are also a good choice if you avoid Easter.

Cancun wildlife

Come to Cancun in July or August if you like to observe animals. You can swim with whale sharks, watch sea turtles nesting on the beach at night, and enjoy the first bath of the baby turtles.

The worst time to visit Cancun

There are no worst months to visit Cancun, depending on what kind of holiday you are looking for.


If I really have to pick one, I would say January, Spring Break, June, August, and September for different reasons (crowds, weather, seaweed, etc.).

Bottom line: Best months for your Cancun Vacation

Think about what you want to do before buying your plane tickets to Cancun. The key is considering the high season (hordes of tourists), the climate, and the Sargassum. For these reasons, February, May, and November seem to be a good compromise.

Now that you know when to come, it’s time to plan your trip!



What time of year is there no seaweed in Cancun? ›

In Mexico, sargassum seaweed season is generally between May and October each year. If you travel to the Caribbean coast of Mexico outside of that time period you can generally expect to avoid large mats of seaweed on the beaches. What is this? Cancun to Tulum seaweed map in March 2022.

What months are best for Cancun? ›

The most popular time to visit Cancun is from December through April. The weather is generally clear and warm, but not too hot. Expect temps between 75 and 90 degrees, as well as little rain. Occasionally, cold fronts can blow in chillier weather for a few days.

What month has the least rain in Cancun? ›

The drier season lasts 6.7 months, from November 5 to May 27. The month with the fewest wet days in Cancún is March, with an average of 4.2 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation.

What is off season in Cancun? ›

Low Season (June through October)

June through October is when the Cancun summer is in full bloom, with its rains, high humidity and hurricane season. Therefore, summer is the low season, where you can find the best prices and deals on flights, activities and accommodation.

Is there still seaweed in Cancun 2022? ›

Unfortunately, 2022 has had the highest volume of sargassum to date, prompting the government of Quintana Roo to invest thousands in an attempt to prevent it from destroying tourists' vacations. Last week, Quintana Roo's coastline received 42,800 tons of the seaweed in total.

Is there still a seaweed problem in Mexico 2022? ›

However, things are different this year. According to the latest satellite photos, there is still a large amount of sargassum in the Atlantic Ocean that will reach Mexico's coast until December 2022. This means that Sargassum will continue to wash up on Mexico's beaches until December 2022.

What are the worst months for seaweed in Cancun? ›

Sargassum is at its worst between April and August, peaking in July and August, although this year saw the seaweed arrive early, with some beaches being hit heavily in March.

What's the cheapest month to go to Cancun? ›

Cheapest. Prices for Cancun hotels tend to be lowest from around May to June, and again from September to October. This is because the temperature, rainfall, and humidity are all peaking, and tourists are less inclined to visit.

What month is hurricane season in Cancun? ›

When is hurricane season in Cancun? Atlantic hurricane season in Cancun occurs between the start of June and the end of November. The highest risk of hurricanes is between September and October, as they become more frequent due to sea temperatures being at their hottest.

What does 50% chance of rain mean in Cancun? ›

If there is a 50% chance of rain this does not mean there is an even chance of it raining all day everywhere in Cancun or not. What it actually means is that there is a 50% chance that some rain may fall in some part of Cancun. It doesn't predict how heavy the rain will be, where it will fall or how long it will last.

What is the driest month in Mexico? ›

The driest month is May with 7 mm of rainfall and 30 perfect sunny days. The wettest month is October with 77 mm of rain over 6 days.

Is July or August better for Cancun? ›

Best Time to Visit Cancun for Great Deals: The best time for great deal is during the summer rainy season, from July through October, with especially discounted prices in September, October, and November. This coincides with hurricane season, but hurricanes have only landed here twice in the past thirty years.

How many days is enough for Cancun? ›

If you're interested in exploring the region, we suggest spending at least two or three days in Cancun. This will give you enough time to visit the significant sites and enjoy some of the other activities Mexico has to offer, such as going on a boat trip, visiting Mayan ruins, or simply relaxing on the beach.

What is the cheapest month to go to Mexico? ›

High season is considered to be June and July. The cheapest month to fly to Mexico is January.

Are the beaches in Cancun still full of seaweed? ›

Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

What beaches are not affected by sargassum 2022? ›

Punta Sur is technically not a beach, but it's an excellent place if you want to avoid sargassum. Enjoy some of the most spectacular sculptures in the region. The coastline is also breathtaking.

Do all beaches in Cancun have seaweed? ›

Seaweed in Cancun could only be found on the central beach of Holbox Island, at Coral Beach Anchorage, or the second viewpoint of Punta Nizuc, according to a more current satellite picture analysis.

Which beach in Mexico has no seaweed? ›

Top beaches in Mexico without seaweed worth considering for a beach vacation include Carrizalillo Beach (Puerto Escondido), Punta Mita, Mismaloya and Bucerias (near Puerto Vallarta) and Santa Cruz beach and San Agustin beach (Huatulco).

What part of Mexico has no seaweed? ›

All of Mexico is not impacted by sargassum. The Pacific Coast is sargassum-free, and in parts of Mexico's Caribbean Coast, the impact varies. For example, the resorts of Cozumel and Isla Mujeres have shown small to virtually no signs of sargassum this year.

Why are the beaches in Cancun full of seaweed? ›

Why is there seaweed in Cancun? Seaweed is a brown-smelly type of algae that arrives every year on the white sandy Caribbean coasts. In recent years the arrival of sargassum has worsened, and scientists believe that climate change and the pollution of the seas is causing this phenomenon.

What part of Cancun has no seaweed? ›

Isla Mujeres: Caribbean beaches without sargassum

Just in front of Villa del Palmar Cancun is Isla Mujeres, one of the most paradisiacal destinations in the entire Caribbean and that hasn't been hit by the sargassum algae. This island is an excellent option to make a day trip from Cancun.

How long is sargassum season in Cancun? ›

Sargassum seaweed season lasts around 6 months in Mexico. It starts in April and finishes in October.

How much money do you need to go to Cancun for a week? ›

The average price of a 7-day trip to Cancun is $1,116 for a solo traveler, $2,004 for a couple, and $3,758 for a family of 4. Cancun hotels range from $25 to $525 per night with an average of $39, while most vacation rentals will cost $20 to $440 per night for the entire home.

Why are Cancun 2022 flights so expensive? ›

In fact, Cancun has been the most popular international destination for U.S. travelers since the start of the pandemic. This low-supply, high-demand scenario is the main reason why flights are so expensive right now. Other factors such as higher fuel costs and inflation are also contributors to more expensive flights.

How do I get the best deal in Cancun resorts? ›

Ask For A Discount!

If there's a resort you're keen to try, why not contact them and ask outright if they can offer a lower price. This can work well if you're booking last minute, as hotels will want to sell as many rooms as possible, so may offer more flexibility on price.

Should I go to Cancun in May or June? ›

Rainy season in Cancun runs from May to October, which is the best time to visit Cancun on a budget. The best time to see wildlife in Cancun (like sea turtles and whale sharks) is May through October. Peak season in Cancun is late December and March when there are heavy tourist crowds.

Is Cancun better in June or July? ›

Summer: June to August

But the benefit is that beaches, sightseeing attractions, and bars are less crowded. July tends to have some cloudy days, but overall expert Cancun travelers note that the sunny summer months are a great time to soak up the sunshine and cool down with a swim on a boating or snorkeling tour.

Is Cancun safe right now? ›

Cancun is a safe city to visit with friendly residents and a low crime rate compared to other Mexican cities. While most visitors have no problems, there are a few dangerous places near Cancun.

Does Cancun rain all day last? ›

But before you nix the idea of visiting during the summer months, consider that Cancun's regular tropical showers often begin around 4 or 5 p.m. and last just a few hours. That means chances are good that you'll have great weather most of the day for outdoor tours or enjoying the beach.

What does 80% chance of rain really mean? ›

An “80% chance of rain” means that there is an 80% chance that rain will fall somewhere within the forecasted area. Rain refers to 0.01 inch or more.

Is Cancun still fun if its raining? ›

Cancún offers plenty to do when it rains, with tons of indoor activities from aquariums to museums, cooking classes, shopping, and many other entertainments. Few people stop to plan for rainy days in Cancún because it's renowned as a beach paradise and party town, but rain falls here just like anywhere else.

What month has the worst weather in Cancun? ›

Cancun in September has some of the worst weather with as much as 10 inches or more of rain. It also is the last month with temperatures above 90 Fahrenheit. Vacation planners should avoid Cancun in September unless it is a last-minute vacation with a clear weather forecast.

What is a good month to go to Mexico? ›

The best time to visit Mexico is during the dry season between December and April, when there is virtually no rain. The coolest months are between December and February, although temperatures can still reach averages of 82°F during the dry season. The wet season begins in the south in May and lasts until October.

What month is best for Mexico? ›

The best time to visit Mexico is during the dry season between December and April, when there is virtually no rain. The coolest months are between December and February, although temperatures can still reach averages of 28°C during the dry season. The wet season begins in the south in May and lasts until October.

What is the sunniest month in Cancun? ›

In terms of weather, the best time of year to travel to Cancun is during the coolest months of the dry season, from January to April are the driest months in the year, with about 40mm per month on average, and also the sunniest. Humidity can be high in Cancun, often around 80%. It is at its lowest in April and May.

Do hurricanes hit Cancun in July? ›

Hurricane season in Cancun spans June to November, with a higher likelihood of storms from August to October. Fortunately, hurricanes are rare. The area has seen only two in the past 30 years.

Is it cheaper to go to Mexico in July or August? ›

The cheapest time to visit Mexico's Pacific coast is during August and September. At this time of year, Mexico's rainy season is at its peak – and so are the temperatures.

Can I brush my teeth with water in Mexico? ›

Residents in Mexico may brush their teeth with tap water, but they'll rinse and spit, careful not to swallow. As a tourist, you may be better off taking the precaution of using bottled water to brush your teeth, and do try to remember to keep your mouth shut when you shower.

Is it better to stay in Riviera Maya or Cancun? ›

Despite the fact that the beach is beautiful in both places, some people prefer the beach in Cancun because it's wider and more vibrant in color than the beach in the Riviera Maya. Many honeymooners choose the Riviera Maya because the region tends to be more romantic.

Is Cancun cheaper than Hawaii? ›

Reasons to visit Cancun

Cancun is exponentially cheaper than Hawaii, so your money goes way further when visiting Cancun. Not only are hotel prices better and flights to and from very affordable, but everything else you can do on holiday is much less expensive.

What is the cheapest day of the week to fly to Cancun? ›

After crunching the numbers on our flight calendar, we found that the cheapest date to fly to Cancun Airport is Sunday, November 27, 2022.

How much money should I take to Mexico for a week? ›

So, how much spending money should I bring to Mexico? On a mid-range budget, you should expect to spend $110 USD ($2200 MXN) per person daily. This accounts for 3 meals a day, transportation fare, and one activity per day(tours, attractions,etc.).

Should you get pesos before going Mexico? ›

It's recommended that you buy pesos before you land in Mexico, just in case you need the cash. According to this USA Today article, the most economical way to do this is to buy pesos from your bank in the U.S. Most banks will do this for free, especially if you're not withdrawing a significant amount of money.


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