6 Closest Beaches to Augusta, Georgia [2022] | Augusta Planet (2023)

Centrally nestled 2.5 hours from the Atlantic Ocean, Augusta, Georgia is a central hub for day trips to an array of beaches. Since moving to Augusta twenty-two years ago, this close proximity has resulted in many a daytrip to or weekend getaway at the beach.

St. Simons, Tybee, Hilton Head, Isle of Palms, Edisto, and Myrtle Beach are six popular beaches that average a 3 hour and 8-minute drive one-way from Augusta, Georgia. These beaches run along the Atlantic coast and stretch from the Savannah, Georgia area up through the South Carolina coastal region. Tybee and Hilton Head’s beaches are the closest, at only a 2-hour and 30-minute drive, whereas St. Simons and Myrtle Beach are the furthest from Augusta at 3.5 and 4 hours respectively.

All six of these Georgia and South Carolina coastal areas offer something unique and are well worth the daytrip or weekend getaway.

Does Augusta have a beach?

While Augusta, GA is 130 miles inland from the Atlantic Coast and lacks saltwater beaches, there are over 1,200 miles of shoreline created by Clarks Hill Lake, which contains over a dozen recreational beach areas for the public.

East of the Mississippi River, Clarks Hill Lake (also known as Lake Strom Thurmond) is the third largest man-made lake and is within a forty-five minute drive from downtown Augusta, separating the counties of Columbia and Lincoln. Here you can find a lot of fun outdoor activities near and on the water.

And given how temperate Augusta’s climate is, the outdoor fun can be experienced throughout all four seasons. If you’re interested in what winters are like in Augusta, I encourage you to check out this article on our site that answers all your questions on snowfall in the area.

Is there an ocean in Georgia?

The state of Georgia has a coastline that runs 110 miles along the Atlantic Ocean on the eastern United States. Starting by the Georgia-Florida border and traveling up Interstate-95, the beaches extend from St. Marys to Savannah, Georgia.

As you traverse this coastline going north up I-95 from St. Marys, there are four barrier islands known as The Golden Isles, which are comprised of St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, Sea Island, and Little St. Simons Island. Each one of these isles is worth a visit, with their unique histories, activities, and easy ocean access.

St. Simons Island Beach

St. Simons Island. As the largest of the four Golden Isles, St. Simons provides beach access at four primary locations: East Beach, Gould’s Inlet, Coast Guard Station Beach, and Massengale Park.

Additionally, there are four prestigious golf courses located on the island, including Frederica Golf Club.

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Drive from Augusta: 3 hours and 30 minutes

Distance: 199 miles

Visitors Website: St. Simons

St. Simons Vacation Rentals

Tybee Beach and Savannah Area

6 Closest Beaches to Augusta, Georgia [2022] | Augusta Planet (1)

Tybee Island is among the closest beaches to Augusta. Tybee Island has five main beach areas which are the North, Mid, South, Back River, and Little Tybee beaches. As the easternmost location in Georgia, Tybee Island boasts easy access to Savannah, which was founded in 1733 and is currently the state’s fifth largest city.

If you want to explore great restaurants or the arts in a historic downtown after hitting up the beach, I recommend Tybee Island since it is only 18 miles from Savannah.

Drive from Augusta: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Distance: 140 miles

Visitors Website: Tybee Island

Tybee Island Vacation Rentals


Also, make sure to bring plenty ofsunscreenand asturdy beach umbrella like this one that is wind-resistant up to 34 miles per hour.

6 Closest Beaches to Augusta, Georgia [2022] | Augusta Planet (2)6 Closest Beaches to Augusta, Georgia [2022] | Augusta Planet (3)6 Closest Beaches to Augusta, Georgia [2022] | Augusta Planet (4)6 Closest Beaches to Augusta, Georgia [2022] | Augusta Planet (5)

South Carolina Beaches

With over 187 miles of coastline, South Carolina has slightly more beach options than Georgia. The ones I have enjoyed most include Hilton Head, Isle of Palms, Edisto, and Myrtle Beach. These four beaches all offer slightly different experiences for visitors.

Hilton Head Beach

Hilton Head. As the closest South Carolina beach town to Augusta, Hilton Head provides eight separate points of access to public beach property. From the more secluded Alder Lane to Coligny Beach Park’s shops and restaurants, Hilton Head offers a lot of variety and plenty of ocean access for the public.

Additionally, Hilton Head is only 31 miles to downtown Savannah for those wanting to explore the historic downtown atmosphere, along with the bustling arts and restaurant options.

Drive From Augusta: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Distance: 136 miles

Visitor’s Website: Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island Vacation Rentals

Edisto Beach

Edisto Beach. The Town of Edisto Beach provides 37 public access points to the beach along Palmetto Boulevard. Additionally, there is a 1,255-acre state park that borders the town and provides both camping and hiking trails. Edisto is not as developed as the other South Carolina beaches, which is a draw for those seeking a quieter experience.

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Drive From Augusta: 2 hour and 30 minutes

Distance: 145 miles

Visitor’s Website: Edisto Beach

Edisto Beach Vacation Rentals

Isle of Palms: The Greater-Charleston Area

South Carolina’s largest city has a rich history (founded in 1670) and plenty of ocean access. There are many similarities between Savannah and Charleston, as both are historic coastal cities with bustling arts and dining experiences. If you plan to visit Charleston or Savannah, it is convenient to plan your beach trip with this in mind.

The Isle of Palms is 18 miles from downtown Charleston and offers 50 beach access paths to visitors. On the island, the Wild Dunes Resort has a golf course that can be played by the public. Additionally, the arts, shopping, and dining can be found on Mt. Pleasant and the downtown Charleston area.

Drive from Augusta: 3 hours (plus a few minutes)

Distance: 170 miles

Visitor’s Website: Isle of Palms

Isle of Palms Vacation Rentals

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Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is the furthest from Augusta at a four-hour drive. However, if you make the trip, you will find there are three main beaches to choose from – Myrtle, North Myrtle, and Surfside. Given the size and tourism of Myrtle Beach, there are a lot of options for ocean activities like jet ski rentals, parasailing, and banana boat trips.

Drive from Augusta: 4 hours

Distance: 220 miles

Visitor’s Website: Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals

Conclusion of 6 Beaches Closest to Augusta, Georgia

While Augusta has many hidden and transparent gems, immediate access to the ocean is not one of them. However, with an average drive of 3 hours and 8 minutes, you can be at one of six great beaches. If you want to explore historic Charleston or Savannah, check out Tybee, Hilton Head, and Isle of Palms’ beaches.

For the larger tourist experience, try Myrtle Beach. But if you prefer a smaller town experience, you may want to visit Edisto and St. Simons.

And if you’re looking for things to do closer to home, check out the Best Things to Do in Downtown Augusta, GA: A Guide.

Other beaches to visit near:

  • Macon, GA
  • Columbia, SC
  • Greenville, SC


How far is Augusta, Georgia from the ocean?

Augusta, Georgia is 130 miles from the ocean

What is the closest ocean beach to Augusta, Georgia?

Hilton Head Island, SC is the closest ocean beach to Augusta, Georgia at a 136-mile drive away.

What Florida beach is closest to Augusta, Georgia?

Amelia Island is the closest Florida beach to Augusta at 238 miles, which is a 4-hour drive away.

What ocean is Augusta, Georgia closest to?

The Atlantic is the closest ocean to Augusta, which is 130 miles east of the city.

What beach is closest to North Augusta, SC?

Hilton Head Island, SC is the closest beach to North Augusta, SC at 131 miles, which is a 2.5-hour drive.


What beaches are close to Augusta GA? ›

The Best 10 Beaches in Augusta, Georgia
  • All "Beaches" Results in Augusta, GA. Showing 1-10 of 21.
  • Elijah Beach. 15.2 mi. Beaches. ...
  • Clark's Hill. 15.7 mi. Parks, Boating, Lakes. ...
  • Wildwood Park. 17.9 mi. Parks. ...
  • West Dam Recreation Area. 15.7 mi. ...
  • Lake Murray Dam. 62.1 mi. ...
  • Dreher Island State Park. 55.8 mi. ...
  • Riverside Park. 8.5 mi.

How far is Augusta Georgia from a beach? ›

Nestled along the banks of the Savannah River, Augusta is the second largest and oldest city in Georgia. Located in the east central section of the state, Augusta is approximately 150 miles east of Atlanta on Interstate 20. Augusta is also centrally located just two and a half hours from the beach and the mountains.

How far is Augusta me from the ocean? ›

The city's establishment and early prosperity, which began with the arrival of traders from the Plymouth colony of Massachusetts in 1628, can be attributed to its location on navigable tidewater 39 miles (63 km) from the Atlantic Ocean.

How far is Tybee Island from Augusta GA? ›

There are 122.25 miles from Augusta to Tybee Island in southeast direction and 152 miles (244.62 kilometers) by car, following the I-16 E route. Augusta and Tybee Island are 2 hours 50 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop .

What beach in Florida is closest to Georgia? ›

Panama City Beach, Florida

One of the closest Florida beaches near Atlanta is Panama City Beach. A little over five hours in the car will bring you to the Gulf of Mexico, where you can find warm gulf breezes blowing along miles of white sand beaches.

How far of a drive is to Myrtle Beach to Augusta Georgia? ›

There are 180.42 miles from Augusta to Myrtle Beach in east direction and 219 miles (352.45 kilometers) by car, following the I-20 route. Augusta and Myrtle Beach are 3 hours 41 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop .

Where is the hidden beach in Georgia? ›

You can find the Clayton County International Park Beach, a delightful hidden beach in Georgia at 2300 Highway 138 SE Jonesboro, GA 30236.

How far is Augusta GA and Daytona Beach? ›

The total driving distance from Augusta, GA to Daytona Beach, FL is 351 miles or 565 kilometers. Your trip begins in Augusta, Georgia. It ends in Daytona Beach, Florida.

What beach has the clearest water in Georgia? ›

Stretching along the Oceanside of St. Simons Island, East Beach is famous as one of the most attractive clear water beaches in Georgia.

What is the most famous beach in Georgia? ›

1. Tybee Island's Beaches. Tybee Island is home to many of Georgia's best beaches. A barrier island 18 miles southeast of Savannah, it's referred to by locals as "Savannah's Beach." A mere 30-minute drive from downtown transports visitors to this heavenly spot boasting three miles of lusciously soft sand.

How far is Augusta from Myrtle? ›

222 miles / 357 km
City:round-trip one-way
Get:vacation flight hotel SEARCH
1 more row

Is Augusta cheap to live? ›

The cost of living in Augusta, GA is 6% lower than the state average and 16% lower than the national average. Augusta, GA housing is 29% cheaper than the U.S average, while utilities are about 12% less pricey.

How far apart are Augusta and Savannah? ›

Distance conversions
Distance typeMilesKilometers
Straight line distance109.65 mi176.46 km
Driving distance134 mi216.25 km

Is it worth visiting Tybee Island? ›

Anyone visiting Tybee during the Fall, Spring, Summer or Winter seasons will be able to enjoy and appreciate Tybee Time. Tybee has so many great outdoor activities that range from kayaking, paddleboarding, boating/canoe, dolphin sightseeing tours, fishing charters and more!

Why is Tybee Island so popular? ›

Tybee Island is home to more than three miles of inviting beaches and 1.3 million cubic yards of recently re-nourished sand. Tybee's beaches are perfect for swimming, building sandcastles, searching for seashells and watching spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

Is Tybee Island a party beach? ›

Tybee is home to a thriving nightlife scene for people who prefer to skip out on the summer heat and venture out after 9 pm.

What part of Georgia touches the ocean? ›

The Atlantic Ocean touches the southeast corner of Georgia. The ocean is the home of the Right Whale during its mating season. Loggerhead Sea Turtles come ashore on the barrier islands to lay their eggs. Gray's Reef is a national marine sanctuary located off the coast of Savannah.

Are there any beach towns in Georgia? ›

Brunswick / Golden Isles

Nestled on the Georgia coast, midway between Savannah, GA and Jacksonville, FL, lies the mainland city of Brunswick and its four beautiful barrier islands: St. Simons Island, Sea Island, Jekyll Island and Little St. Simons Island.

How far is Charleston from the beach from Augusta Georgia? ›

148 miles / 238 km.

Is North Myrtle or South Myrtle Beach better? ›

Visitors often prefer staying in North Myrtle Beach because it's just close enough to all the action, but just far away enough from the flashing neon lights. You can spend a few hours in bustling Myrtle Beach, then come home to total comfort in a beautiful beachfront bungalow.

How long is it to drive to Charleston to Augusta? ›

How long is the drive from Charleston, SC to Augusta, GA? The total driving time is 2 hours, 48 minutes. Your trip begins in Charleston, South Carolina.

Where is the bluest water in Georgia? ›

The Bluest Water in Georgia is from Cherokee Falls.

What is the cheapest beach town to live in Georgia? ›

If you are looking for an affordable place to live on the coast, turn to Brunswick. This town is located in between Savannah and Jacksonville, Florida. It is also right next to St. Simons Island, a popular tourist getaway in the state.

Is hidden beach open to the public? ›

Entrance fee

Hidden Beach is included in the Tour C island-hopping option in El Nido. It costs per person. Additional expenses may include eco-tourism development fee, snorkel gear rental, private boat rental depending on the number of passengers and size of the boat), and whole-day kayak rental.

What beach is in between Georgia and Florida? ›

Grayton Beach State Park

This park located between Destin and Panama City is an ideal location for families. There is so much to do here including biking, hiking and all sorts of water activities like canoeing and kayaking.

How far is Augusta GA from Disney? ›

The distance between Augusta and Walt Disney World is 352 miles. The road distance is 417.2 miles.

How far apart are Atlanta and Augusta? ›

Distance conversions
Distance typeMilesKilometers
Straight line distance138.12 mi222.28 km
Driving distance146 mi235.72 km

What beach has the most crystal clear water? ›

10 Beautiful Beaches With Crystal Clear Water
  • Grace Bay, The Carribean. ...
  • Tavarua, Fiji. ...
  • Honopu Beach, Hawaii. ...
  • Baio De Sancho, Brazil. ...
  • Maya Bay, Thailand. ...
  • Diani Beach, Kenya. ...
  • Yallingup Beach, Australia. ...
  • KoeKohe Beach, New Zealand.

Are there any blue water beaches in Georgia? ›

While Georgia is not necessarily known as a state with blue water, there are still places where you can find water that is bluer than the rest. For instance, Cherokee Falls in Cloudland Canyon State Park is often said to have some particularly blue water.

What is the prettiest place in Georgia? ›

Most Beautiful Places in Georgia
  • Okefenokee Swamp.
  • Cumberland Island.
  • Providence Canyon State Park, Lumpkin.
  • Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain.
  • Tallulah Falls.
  • Golden Isles of Georgia.
  • Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, Plains.
  • Amicalola Falls.

What day is the beach least crowded? ›

At many resorts, Friday is the busiest day of the week with guests checking out mid-morning and new ones not arriving until mid-afternoon. Schedule your stay to depart on any other day of the week and you can almost guarantee yourself a quiet beach midday on Friday. Saturday is obviously the most popular beach day.

What is the quietest beach? ›

  • Second Beach, Washington.
  • Dry Tortugas, Florida.
  • Assateague Island, Maryland.
  • Pa'ako Cove, Hawaii.
  • South Manitou Island, Michigan.
  • Carova Beach, North Carolina.
  • Orient Beach State Park, New York.
  • Enderts Beach, California.
31 Oct 2022

What is the number 1 attraction in Georgia? ›

1. Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta. The world's fourth largest aquarium, Georgia Aquarium houses more than 100,000 aquatic animals in more than 10 million gallons of fresh and saltwater. While its sheer size may seem overwhelming, the exhibits are divided into various themes to make visits more focused and educational.

What is the biggest beach in Georgia? ›

John Tanner State Park and Beach

Named after a local businessman, John Tanner, the state park is home to the largest sand beach in the state of Georgia. Situated amidst Carrolton and Mount Zion, the park is a former state park with a unique history. The Park has two lakes, one of which houses the famous Tanner's beach.

Are there alligators in Georgia beaches? ›

On the Coast: There are currently about 200,000 alligators in Georgia. Between 1980 and 2001 there were only eight reported alligator attacks on people in Georgia and none of them were fatal. Alligators are often seen swimming in coastal Georgia waterways or pulled out “basking” on beaches and shores.

Are there alligators in Augusta? ›

Many people may not realize that alligators are native to Augusta and are surprised when they see one, particularly when it shows up on their property, Taylor said.

How much does it cost to live in Augusta GA? ›

Cost of Living in Augusta, GA
Cost of livingOne personFamily of 4
🛋️ Without rent$611$2002
🏨 Rent & Utilities$942$1209
🍽️ Food$428$1106
🚐 Transport$61.8$163
4 more rows

Where is the best place to live in Augusta? ›

Best Family Neighborhoods in Augusta, Georgia
  • Central Business District.
  • Augusta State U/ Walton Way.
  • West Side Augusta.
  • Country Club Hills.
  • National Hills.
  • North Augusta, South Carolina.

How much do you need to make to live in Augusta GA? ›

Typical Expenses
0 Children1 Child
Required annual income after taxes$26,192$49,025
Annual taxes$6,426$12,027
Required annual income before taxes$32,617$61,052
7 more rows

What is minimum wage in Augusta? ›

Georgia Minimum Wage for 2021, 2022. Georgia's state minimum wage rate is $7.25 per hour. This is the same as the current Federal Minimum Wage rate.

How much is a golf round at Augusta? ›

Non-Member Rates at Augusta Municipal
Weekday Rates (Monday-Thursday)
18 Holes Walking$21
9 Holes Walking$14
Hero Card$27
League Play$27
15 more rows

How close is Augusta to the ocean? ›

Nestled along the banks of the Savannah River, Augusta is the second largest and oldest city in Georgia. Located in the east central section of the state, Augusta is approximately 150 miles east of Atlanta on Interstate 20. Augusta is also centrally located just two and a half hours from the beach and the mountains.

How far is it to walk 18 holes at Augusta? ›

The five-mile or so walk between the Georgia pines at Augusta National is 11,000-plus steps of up and down and up again.

What beach in Georgia has the clearest water? ›

Simons Island, East Beach is famous as one of the most attractive clear water beaches in Georgia.

How much does it cost to play a round of golf at Augusta Georgia? ›

Non-Member Rates at Augusta Municipal
Weekday Rates (Monday-Thursday)
18 Holes Walking$21
9 Holes Walking$14
Hero Card$27
League Play$27
15 more rows


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